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Warner Bros. Discovery Working With All Elite Wrestling To Create More ‘Shoulder Programming’

It seems as if more All Elite Wrestling content is coming to TBS and TNT.

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Kathleen Finch, Warner Bros. Discovery US Networks Group chair and chief content officer. Finch spoke about how talks of TNT and TBS shifting away from scripted content were premature, noting that the network is working with All Elite Wrestling on creating even more programming.

“We are absolutely in the scripted business,” said Finch. “We are making more content than anybody, but we want to make sure that we’re putting it in the right place and making the right projects, because we now have so many hours to fill.”

“We really play in the sports space. One of the things that we’re doing around sports is creating shoulder programming to hold onto those fans. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] pulls huge numbers,” Finch explained, “so we are working with the wrestling team to figure out what new kind of content can we build that’s not in a wrestling ring.”

All Elite Wrestling currently has two weekly series under the Warner umbrella, as Dynamite airs on TBS and Rampage is featured on TNT. AEW also has quarterly Battle Of The Belts specials that air on TNT, the latest one airing on October 7.

MJF recently spoke about some of the potential opportunities he has lined up, noting that WBD was extremely high on him and “coming up with potential ideas for MJF outside of the wrestling sphere.” Read more about his potential podcasting opportunity and a confirmed movie role he has lined up at this link.

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