Dave Mastiff WWE NXT UK
Image Credit: WWE

Dave Mastiff Reflects On His Time In NXT UK, Aims To Have Fun On The Open Market

Dave Mastiff looks back on his time in WWE NXT UK and comments on potentially being involved with NXT Europe.

Mastiff made his WWE debut as part of the NXT UK Championship Tournament in 2018. He subsequently became a featured member of the brand and competed there until WWE announced the looming launch of NXT Europe. As a result, the company released Mastiff and many other NXT UK stars in August 2022.

In an interview with PWMania.com, Mastiff named his favorite on-screen moments of his time in NXT UK. He noted that he enjoyed his feu with Joe Coffey, among other highlights.

“For me I relished the build-up and the last man standing match with Joe Coffey at Takeover: Cardiff,” Mastiff said. “I believe that was the highlight for me personally and also for the brand.

“Other than that I enjoyed the skits Jack Starz and I did earn his cut and also mocked other teams such as Die Familia. Jack and I came up with those skits together on our own and the mega-talented Shaun Ryan put his great spin on them for filming.”

Mastiff was also asked whether he intends to wrestle for many promotions throughout the rest of the year now that he’s back on the open market. He stated that he wants to have fun, work with great talents, and share his knowledge with them.

“I’ve really not thought too much about it all,” Mastiff said. “I don’t feel like I’ve anything to prove so I guess I just want to have fun and work with some great talents and hopefully teach them what I’ve learned over the last 20 years too.”

When asked to comment on anything he has heard about NXT Europe and whether he would want to be a part of it, he noted he doesn’t know anything about it. As for his own involvement, he stated that it would have to be the right offer.

“Nothing. Anything that’s said is guess work by anyone,” Mastiff said. “They need to do a lot of work before it comes to fruition and it would need to be the right offer for me.”