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Bobby Lashley Pitched A Storyline Where He’d Gain 70 Pounds And Be A Depressed Fat Guy

Bobby Lashley gave himself an interesting challenge for an unused storyline.

During a recent appearance on the NotSam Wrestling podcast, Bobby Lashley revealed that he once pitched a storyline where he’d put on 70 pounds and be depressed after a loss. As he explained it, Lashley says he told Vince McMahon that he’d like his character to go through a “severe depression” after a loss. Lashley said he was ready to gain a considerable amount of weight to sell the physical effects, but Vince didn’t think he could do it.

“I told Vince — a year ago, I think, a year or two ago — I want to do this character. He said, ‘What is it?’ I said if I get beat one time, I want to go into this severe depression and put on 40, 50, 60, 70 pounds and just be fat,” Lashley proclaimed. “I’d be a completely different character and have someone like MVP or somebody that’s on my side be like pulling me back. [We’d] have the crowd watch this transition back to me. He said there’s no way [I] could do that. I said I think I could do it.”

Roberts then asked if he would consider pitching the gimmick to Triple H now that he’s in charge. 

“I’m going to try,” joked Lashley.

Lashley was then asked how he’d actually prepare if WWE agreed to the pitch, and he said he’s actually spoken to other wrestlers about it. Lashley said that Drew McIntyre thinks he’d go into an actual depression because he couldn’t work out, something that Lashley considers to be his therapy. 

Lashley then shared a funny story about an interaction with Sami Zayn at catering before critiquing his own hypothetical body type, once against stating he was confident he could get his body back.

“I had Sami Zayn at one of our shows, he was at catering, he just turns around and goes, ‘I love bread!’ He was just so intense about it. I was like, ‘Alright…’ [laughs] I think if I did that, it would go differently for me,” Lashley added. “I would be skinny fat, as opposed to plump. But either way, it would be a fun transition back. I know I could get back.”

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