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Bobby Lashley Shares When He Plans To Retire From Professional Wrestling

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is still competing at a high level, way beyond what he initially thought he would.

Bobby Lashley was the latest guest on Notsam Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked when he planned on retiring from the business, Lashley joked that when he was 20, he told himself he would retire when he was 40. Lashley is 46 years old now, so he clearly has a new end date in mind. Lashley said that he will hang it up when his peers tell him it’s time, and he says he is OK with hearing that when the time comes.

“My biggest thing was the people that are around me, the people that I feel are a little closer to me. I want them to be honest with me and be real with me. You see fighters that do that one last fight that they shouldn’t have done. And they could have had sparring partners, or they could have had coaches, or somebody said, ‘No, let’s, let’s tap out. Let’s go and do something else. Let’s move to the next stage in life.’

“I told the people around me I said if you feel that for me, I’m okay with telling me. I’m not doing it for the money right now. Over the years, I’ve compiled a really nice real estate portfolio and different things like that so that my kids are taken care of right now. So I’m doing a more legacy, and I love wrestling, and I have the ability to do it. And I think I’m showing people something different.

“I’m that guy that does morning workouts. I’m that guy that trains hard. I’m that guy that I’m okay with being a role model. I’m okay with all these different things. So I want to stay in the business as long as I can for that reason. But if there ever comes a time when I’m running a little bit slower. Moving a little slower. I take a bump, and it’s like, oh, no, this hurts coming back up. You’re gonna get that anyway. But if ever gets to that point where I feel like I’m slowing down, then let’s stop.”

When asked if he’d like the one to dethrone The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns before he calls it a career, Lashley admitted everyone wants to be in that spot and figures it will come down to whoever is most popular at the time. Regardless of when it happens, The All Mighty believes he should be in that conversation.

“Everybody wants to be the one to smash Roman,” Bobby Lashley admitted. “He’s at the top of his game right now, and I don’t know who that’s gonna be that has an opportunity to step up and do it. I think it’s who is the most popular at the time. I don’t know if that’s the case. I don’t know what it is, but I should be in that conversation. I mean, if I’m not in that conversation, then we’re not having that conversation.”

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What do you make of Bobby Lashley’s comments? Would you like to see Lashley be the one to defeat Roman Reigns? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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