WWE Raw Results

WWE RAW Results (10/17/22): Brock Lesnar Appears, US Title Match

WWE Raw Results – October 17, 2022

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Bobby Lashley opens the show before Brock Lesnar enters immediately after. Lesnar wastes no time in picking a fight, but Lashley spears Lesnar into the barricade and then again over the commentary table after brief separation. Lashley plants Lesnar through the table with a spinebuster as officials and talent are out trying to get Lashley away from Lesnar. Lashley heads to the back before the first commercial break.

We come back from break with replays as the ringside area is still destroyed. We are told we will hear Bray Wyatt’s promo again from SmackDown as the commentators run down the lineup.

The O.C. vs. Alpha Academy

Anderson and Gable start with wrist locks. Gable takes Karl down with a headlock. Gallows and Otis tag in. Gallows unloads with chops in the corner, followed by a big boot. Anderson comes in with strikes. Gable does some damage to Anderson before the break. We come back to see Karl dodging a corner splash from Otis. Gallows tags in with clotheslines and takedowns to Gable. Gable hits a bridged suplex on Anderson, kicked. Karl lands a spinebuster. OC hits Magic Killer on Gable for the win.

Winners: The O.C.

After, Judgment Day comes out. Balor pokes fun at “too sweet.” Priest says it’s funny that OC think they accomplished something great last week. Balor challenges them to a match at Crown Jewel. Styles says they accept before laying down a challenge to do it tonight. That is, unless they have to ask their mother (Rhea) for permission. Dominik interrupts and tells AJ to shut up. Styles says if he can talk the talk, then he needs to step in the ring. Rhea encourages Dom to be a man and get in there. Dom says he’s not ready yet without his gear. Dom says he’ll be ready in about an hour or so. Styles says he’s gonna beat the piss out of Dominik, which is what Rey should’ve done. We cut to commercial break.

Seth Rollins comes out in a red suit to match his new U.S. Title and tells his doubters and haters to kiss his behind. As for his supporters, he tells them to sing his song. The crowd turns into a chorus briefly. Rollins says tonight will be the first defense in what will become the greatest U.S. title run of all time. Rollins tries to cover up for tapping to Riddle in the Fight Pit. Mustafa Ali interrupts and congratulates Rollins. Ali brings up how Lashley promised he would be next in line for a title match, but the champion changed and his challenge remains the same. Ali officially lays down a challenge, and Rollins laughs in his face. Rollins invites Ali to celebrate the new champion or get out because Ali doesn’t belong in the ring with Rollins. Ali takes Seth’s sunglasses off and says Seth is looking at his next problem. Seth says he respects Ali as a performer, and he’s an even better human being. In the middle of the praise, Rollins sucker punches him and tosses Ali out of the ring. Rollins goes to leave, but Ali jumps him from behind. Rollins throws Ali into the ring post face-first to end the segment.

JBL’s limo pulls up in the parking lot as we cut to commercial.

Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai & IYO SKY) vs. Candice LeRae & Bianca Belair

Bayley joins commentary. Sky takes down Candice to start. They roll around throwing punches until Candice does a couple arm drags. LeRae delivers a dropkick and Belair gets the tag. Belair does a moonsault off the ropes before Dakota comes in with a headlock. Kai takes Belair to the corner for Iyo to tag in. Belair powers out of a double suplex. LeRae comes in and the faces hit a double dropkick. Belair picks up LeRae and spins her around so her legs hit the heels. Belair lifts Kai and she falls out of the ring to set up LeRae wiping them both out with a crossbody.

After the break, Iyo has Belair wrapped up before going for a pin. Belair catches Iyo with a backbreaker on the knee. Kai comes in and cuts Belair off from tagging. Belair leaps over Kai but gets caught by the braid. LeRae tags in and clotheslines Kai, followed by chops into the corner. Iyo runs in to the same treatment. LeRae steps on Kai and delivers a senton to Sky. LeRae is tripped off the turnbuckle by Kai. Sky comes in with double knees in the corner, cover. Iyo hits a German suplex, tags out. Kai boots Candice, cover. LeRae rolls Kai up, then kicks her way out to tag Belair. Bianca clotheslines and dropkicks Iyo. Back body drop followed by corner punches. Belair lifts Iyo for LeRae to dropkick, but Kai breaks the pin. Kai scorpion kicks Belair before getting caught. Kai rolls Belair through and kicks her off the apron. LeRae breakers Kai. Bayley leaves commentary and grabs a kendo stick. Belair stops her and spears Bayley across the announce desk. Iyo drops Candice after tagging. Dakota comes in and they hit a double back drop. Kai pins Candice for the win.

Winners: Damage CTRL

Backstage, Cathy Kelley asks Matt Riddle about the comments from Seth Rollins. Riddle makes an analogy related to a hover board before promising to beat his ass to become the new US Champ. Ali walks up and Riddle praises him for having the guts to step up to Seth. Riddle says he promises to give Ali a title match. We pivot to The Miz faking a knee injury. Riddle and Ali nonchalantly call for help.

Backstage, Cora Jade asks Rhea Ripley if she will participate in Pick Your Poison and face Roxanne Perez. Ripley agrees.

JBL’s music hits. He gets on the mic and says it takes a monumental occasion to get him back in WWE. He has an announcement that will shake WWE to its core. He apologizes for making this announcement in Oklahoma to get some heat. He pivots to bash Rey Mysterio and says he’s proud of Dominik. But now there’s a void on the roster, so he introduces Baron Corbin. Corbin enters with altered gear and similar theme music. JBL says Corbin’s 2-3 times the size of Rey and is more dominant. JBL moves to say Dolph Ziggler has been stealing money from WWE for years and would’ve been cut if he was there in the Attitude Era. JBL says today starts the modern day emergence of the wrestling god. Ziggler’s music hits and the bell rings for the next match.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

JBL joins commentary. Corbin sends Ziggler back in the ring after tossing him out and then delivers a big boot. Corbin throws punches before getting hit with a DDT. Ziggler rakes the eyes against the ropes and then beats Corbin down in the corner with punches and kicks. Corbin comes back with an inverted vertical suplex. Corbin hits a Clothesline from Hell. They move outside where Corbin tosses Ziggler into the steps before the break.

We return to Ziggler dominating Corbin with corner strikes and then an elbow drop. Corbin catches Ziggler with a fallaway slam. Ziggler hits Famouser for a nearfall. They trade punches until Ziggler hits a headbutt. Corbin catches Ziggler with Deep Six, nearfall. Ziggler is placed on the turnbuckle but counters with punches. He jumps down into a choke but counters with a dropkick. Ziggler hits ZigZag for a nearfall. Corbin catches Ziggler’s superkick and hits End of Days for the win. JBL gets in the ring and celebrates with Corbin.

Winner: Baron Corbin

In the medical room, Miz asks the doc to get rid of his pain. Miz tells Bryon Saxton that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to compete tonight. Saxton says custodians saw Miz pour water on the ground. Miz asks if Bryon thinks he’s staging this to get out the match with Lumis. Miz says there’s a huge lawsuit on his hands. Johnny Gargano says, “Oh my god, it’s Dexter Lumis,” and Miz hops right up. Miz says his superior DNA has allowed him to heal and says Dexter will be the one who will be injured tonight.

Backstage, MVP says he’s here to celebrate Braun Strowman. He runs down his accomplishments before hyping up Omos and his capabilities. This Friday, Omos will look down into Braun’s eyes to understand the Nigerian Giant fears no man. “Monsters aren’t real, but giants are.”

We catch a replay of Bray Wyatt’s SmackDown appearance.

Cameron Grimes approaches The OC and asks Gallows and Anderson if they will team with him to face Schism on Tuesday’s NXT.

It is confirmed that Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley and The OC vs. Judgment Day will go down at Crown Jewel in two weeks.

AJ Styles vs. Dominik Mysterio

Styles ducks Dom and hits a back elbow to the face. Styles takes Dom to different corners for chops. Styles throws a kick before hitting a snap suplex. On the outside, Ripley taunts Styles and asks him to hit her. This allows Dom to leap over the ropes to wipe Styles out. Dominik unloads with punches on the mat and then holds him in the ropes with a choke. Dom attempts a pin before Styles comes back with strikes and a clothesline. Styles jumps out of the ring with a flying forearm. He tosses Dominik into the timekeeper’s area as we head to break.

We return to Dom begging AJ for mercy. Styles boots him anyway then throws him into the turnbuckles. Styles goes up top and so does Dom. They trade punches, leading to Dom falling. Ripley pulls Styles down while the ref isn’t looking. Dom stomps on AJ several times and attempts a pinfall. Styles does a pumphandle into a gut buster on his knee for a two. Styles is hit with a tornado DDT for a two. Styles applies the Calf Crusher, but Dom reaches the bottom rope. Dom is pulled out by his team, which leads to OC coming over for a stand off. Styles punches Dom and the ref tries to keep everyone else apart. Rhea holds AJ’s foot. Styles breaks free but runs into a roll up for the three.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Johnny Gargano approaches Miz backstage. Johnny says if Miz wants out of the match tonight, he just needs to tell everyone the truth. Miz says once he beats “he who shall not be named,” Dexter will be banned forever. Miz says he’ll settle the score with Johnny after he’s done with Dexter.

Dexter Lumis makes his entrance until Miz attacks him with a chair on the ramp. A few referees check on Dexter as Miz retreats.

Backstage, Byron Saxton asks Damage CTRL what’s next for them. Dakota ridicules him for asking that after they just beat Belair and LeRae. Bayley says they got rid of Bliss and Asuka. Dakota says they will continue to dominate the tag division. Shotzi and Raquel won’t stand a chance on SmackDown. Bayley says Belair did not pin her at Extreme Rules. Bayley says she will show Belair what it’s like when she’s back in control next week. Bayley vs. Belair in a non-title match is announced for next week.

Gargano runs into Miz and once again says he needs to tell the truth. Gargano says he will blow his whistle if Miz doesn’t come clean.

Elias is in the ring with a keyboard. He asks for phones to be silenced and for applauses to be held so he doesn’t get choked up. Riddle interrupts with bongos in hand. Elias says it’s great to see him, but he’s interrupting his first night back. Riddle says he’s a huge fan. He asks Elias if he wants to his bong(o). Riddle starts a “oh walk with Elias” chant. Elias asks Riddle to have a seat while he plays this song for OKC. Riddle asks if maybe one day they can play together. Elias promises one day they will. Riddle sits in the ring as Elias plays the keyboard. Less than a minute later, Rollins interrupts for the title match.

United States Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Matt Riddle

Rollins and Riddle start by trading blows. Rollins does his signature kick to the gut followed by a suplex for a cover. Rollins lands on the floor where Elias is watching. Rollins shoves Elias before Elias hits a knee to the face to flatten the champ.

After the break, Rollins stomps Riddle for another pinfall attempt. Riddle counters another stomp and kicks Rollins in the head. Riddle fires back with forearms in the corner followed by a suplex. Riddle counters an elbow with a ripcord knee. Both men go up top where Rollins connects with an inverted suplex followed by a roll-through inverted DDT for a nearfall.

Riddle applies the triangle but Rollins powers him up for a slam. Riddle still has the grip and Rollins hoists him up into the turnbuckle. Riddle keeps the hold in as Rollins hits a sit down powerbomb for a cover. Riddle locks it back up after kicking out. Rollins puts his foot on the bottom rope. Rollins rolls out to the announce desk. The ref is looking so Rollins asks Elias to hit him. Rollins super kicks him. Riddle kicks Rollins, followed by a scoop slam in the ring. Rollins is draped on the ropes for an Orton DDT. Riddle calls for the RKO but Rollins pushes Riddle off into Elias who entered the ring. Rollins hits the Stomp to retain. Rollins stomps Elias as well.

Winner: Seth Rollins (c)

Rollins goes to stomp Riddle on the title, but Mustafa Ali tackles him. Ali flies through the ropes to take Rollins down. Ali jumps the announce desk and continues his beating. Ali clotheslines Rollins into the crowd and the champ retreats. Ali yells “I am your problem” to Rollins to close the show.

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