Image Credit: WWE

Elias Returns On 10/17 WWE RAW, Gets Interrupted

Elias is officially back in the WWE, and his return was every bit as memorable as his former appearances used to be.

Elias returned to the ring tonight with his usual guitars by his side, although this time was also joined by a keyboard. Elias said it felt great to be back, and also reminisced on his “youther brother’s” career, which he says was cut tragically short and caused him to return. He then said the show must go on, and asked who wanted to walk with Elias.

Instead of playing a song on the guitar, Elias said that he thought he would try something a little special tonight. He said that he would be playing a song straight from his heart and soul, and that it might be a little emotional. Instead, though, he was interrupted by Matt Riddle, who came down to the ring carrying a pair of bongos. Elias was happy to see him, but wondered why he wanted to interrupt his return.

Riddle said instead of interrupting, he wanted to perform with the superstar, to which Elias said that wasn’t really his thing. Instead, though, Elias said he could sit and get a front row seat for his performance, and that maybe one day they could play together. Just as Elias began to play, though, they were quickly interrupted by Seth Rollins.

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