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ODB Wants More Women’s Wrestlers To Write Autobiographies

ODB wants more women’s wrestlers to write and share their stories.

Former Knockouts Champion ODB recently released her first autobiography, with more than 300 pages on the story of “a different type of woman wrestler,” per the book description. Combining her real name and ring name, the former Knockout filled the pages of Jessie Kresa is… ODB: One Dirty B!tch! with stories from her WWE tryout, OVW days, transition to TNA, and more.

Kresa recently spoke with the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast about how her book actually came to fruition.

“I wrote this actually during the sh*t show we all had in 2020,” ODB revealed. “I always wanted to write a book and I was never really scared to write it, I just wanted to really just start from the beginning of my life and my story, and obviously through wrestling and then through what I’m doing now. So I reached out to Mick Foley, obviously a number one seller, and he actually came to the food truck.”

“I was in St. Augustine, Florida and I just asked him, I was like, ‘How do I get started on writing a book?’ And he reached out to one of his publishers, Kenny Casanova, and he’s like, ‘You do me a favor. Can you help Jess ODB out in writing her story?’ And Kenny said, ‘Hell yeah, let’s go’. So I worked with Kenny and it was fun. It took about a year and a half or so to get it all finished up. I’m happy with it. It was really fun to actually look back and talk about stuff, and then I kind of forgot half the sh*t I did.” [laughs] 

ODB continued on to express her hope for more women in wrestling to write autobiographies. She also noted she became the first TNA Knockout to write one too. “I want a lot of the woman wrestlers too to read this and also because I want more woman wrestlers to write books,” she said. “I’m the very first TNA Knockout to write a book, and it’s a fun read.”

“I love my time in wrestling and just it’s just fun to see, especially the era I was in. I was at a good era, we had fun on the Indies. We all paid our dues. [We] had our fun car rides or traveling was awesome. And then from the OVW days and then to finally making it and then still having a good time in our locker room. The friendships I made in this business are frickin awesome. So I talk [and] I namedrop a lot. So it’s cool. I think it’s fun for a fan to read it if they’re going to hear stories that they’ve never heard before. Oh, and they’re good stories.”

Besides introducing ODB to his publisher, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley wrote the foreword for the book as well. WWE Legend Al Snow wrote the guest passage, featured on the back cover.

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