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Original Photo Credit: WWE

Kane Busts The Myth About His Green Gear, Says It Was Never Discussed

Kane busts the myth about his green gear and says it was never part of the plan.

For years, photos of Kane wearing green gear during his days as a tag team champion with D-Generation X member X-Pac have circulated among wrestling fans, but the attire has always been a mystery because Kane never actually wore it.

Speaking on the October 19 episode of WWE’s The Bump, Kane stated that there was never any green gear, and it was never in the plans. The WWE Hall of Famer noted that the red-and-black color scheme was the character’s one constant, and he didn’t want to change that.

“There is no green gear. There was never going to be any green gear, and there never will be green gear,” Kane said. “Kane’s red and black all the way, man. I think that switching, that was the one thing that could stay constant. You had mask, no mask, back to a mask, mask had different versions, costume had different versions, but the thing that always held it together was the color scheme.

“I think that [changing that] would have kind of undermined the character, actually. So that’s one of those deals that sparked on the Internet, and that’s the first time I’d ever seen it, was when people started to talk about green Kane like part of DX. To my knowledge, that was never even discussed, although maybe I would look good in green. I don’t know.”

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