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Sami Zayn: I’ve Learned A Lot In My Life, But I Don’t Know Why Jey Uso’s Guard Is Up

Sami Zayn is trying to get on the same page as Jey Uso.

Speaking on the October 19 episode of WWE’s The BumpSami Zayn commented about his relationship with the Bloodline, specifically Jey Uso, and how they seem to have a fractured dynamic.

“First of all, I told him not to be such a hothead. Two different things, okay. Look, I gotta be honest, it’s been kind of weird with Jey, a little bit because we used to get along great. I’ve known them for almost 10 years. We’ve always got along like peas in a pod. But this time around, I don’t know. Things are a little different. He’s a little different. Jimmy’s the same. [Laughs] Jimmy is great, though, isn’t he? I just can’t get enough of that guy. He just the best. But Jey, I don’t know what it is. His guard is up in a way that I’ve never known him to be like this. In the last nine or ten years or whatever it is, I’ve never known him to be like this, so snappy and so angry. Not to point out anything that maybe I shouldn’t point out, but he went through a lot in the beginning of the Bloodline, with him and Roman, and I don’t know how that really affected him. I’ve tried to be very understanding. I’ve tried even to put myself in his shoes.”

“He went through all this stuff, and then all of a sudden, he sees me kind of come in and get welcomed with open arms. I try to put myself in his shoes and try to understand what his problem might be. But on the flip side of it, I’ve done everything I possibly can. I’ve been true in my intentions. I haven’t been up to anything. I’ve eaten Claymore Kicks for him, I’ve taken chair shots for him, for Solo, for Roman. I will happily take the bullet for someone. That’s the kind of person I am. I have loyalty. I think at this point my loyalty has been established, but for some reason with him, it’s just not getting through. I’m a fairly wise man. I’m not gonna try to jump on Heyman’s whole moniker. He’s the wise man, but I think I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime, and I realize that some people just need a little more space and a little more time til things really fall into place. So I’m being patient with Jey, and I’m hoping that he comes around.”

Sami Zayn continued, explaining that they can work together in crunch time, but it’s the “in-between” stuff they need to work on.

“When I’m out there for his match, or he’s out there for mine, we are kind of on the same page. I mean, more often than not. Because when it comes to actually taking care of Bloodline business, that’s what kind of brings is together. But it’s all the in-between stuff that’s a little rocky, but I did feel that needed to be pointed out because people do tend to ignore that.”

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