Logan Paul
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Logan Paul Reveals Who Is Training Him For WWE Crown Jewel Match With Roman Reigns

Logan Paul is preparing to take on “The Tribal Chief” and he’s getting help from some very capable trainers.

On November 5th, Logan Paul approaches his biggest challenge since arriving to World Wrestling Entertainment. Accordingly, Paul will square off with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the company’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view. Reigns will lay his title on the line in this highly anticipated matchup, emanating from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To properly prepare, Logan Paul has revealed the duo of wrestling veterans that have helped train him, confirming a recent report from PWInsider.com.

“It’s him (Drew Gulak) and ‘Hurricane’ Shane Helms,” Paul told Ryan Satin of Fox Sports. “Drew’s been the body I’ve been kind of maneuvering and navigating with. He’s incredibly knowledgeable as well. So, him and Shane have been coaching me because I don’t have this luxury of having the learning curve like a lot of these wrestlers do. I need to get incredible now. I need to get incredible yesterday. I’m taking on the best the WWE has to offer in, what, two weeks? Three weeks? November 5th, Crown Jewel. I got of a time, man. So, send everyone you got and every resource you have to make me good now.”

As he goes on to challenge Reigns, Paul further explained what exactly training entails.

“I’m doing a lot of sit ups. I need my six pack,” he said. “No one likes a WWE superstar without a six pack. I’m getting in the ring a lot. WWE was nice enough to actually build a ring in Puerto Rico where I live so I can train, Because at the end of the day, ring generalship [and] comfortability in that squared circle is the most important. I’m finding that the more I can take my bumps, bounce off the ropes, practice my flips, obviously, practice makes perfect, the better I’m getting. I can feel it, too. Every single day I get in that ring and practice my slams, it’s just a little bit better and a little bit better.”

Paul continued on to state that “the physicality comes easy” to him, but there is another area he feels he needs work on. “Truly, what I need to work on is my mic skills. Man, I don’t I’m not comfortable on the mic. This is where I think you mentioned it.  I’ll be on the mic at a show at Madison Square Garden, 18,000 people watching, all heckling me live, talking their smack while I’m trying to deliver a story, is very difficult.”

“Doing WWE promos is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and I have so much respect for the superstar superstars who get in there every Monday, every Friday on Smackdown, on Raw and rattle off this stuff to perfection to the tee because I’m just not there yet. But the physicality, yo, let’s go.”

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