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Taylor Wilde On Mickie James: We Have A Lot In Common, It’d Be A Bucket List Match

Taylor Wilde is finally back in the game and has a bucket list match in mind.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Taylor Wilde was asked about potential opponents on the IMPACT Wrestling roster now that she returned to the company. Wilde competed in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and has a singles win over Mia Yim so far, but she says she’s looking forward to anything and everything… or everybody that is across the ring from her.

“I’ve been benched for a year, so you know, the locker room’s kind of been shook up a little bit in the past year, which, it’s never a bad thing. And one of the coolest things about being a knockout and how the company has kind of changed over the past 10-15 years, and wrestling in general, is, you know, intergender wrestling is almost not a thing anymore. It’s not like that gauntlet was called an intergender gauntlet, it was just Call Your Shot,” Wilde explained. “I’m really looking forward to any opportunities I have with the knockouts and the rest of the locker room because we’ve got such a diverse deep talent pool. And I got some gas left in the tank, and I’d really love to show the world of professional wrestling where I left off, but I can still go.”

One name that recently said she wanted to work with Wilde was Mickie James, who is on her “Last Rodeo” right now. Mickie and Taylor have never shared the ring, so it would be a bucket list match in her eyes.

“Oh, god, yeah, her and I have become really close in the past six months. You know, on my off time, we’ve always run these parallel lines. We know each other. We respect each other as wrestlers, and we have a lot of commonalities. We both have young sons and we’re into witchy spiritual stuff. And it’s always been a dream match for both of us to get in the ring together,” Wilde explained, “we just keep missing one another. So this is the first time we’re pinned down, same company, same timeline, and it is truly will be a dream match. To be in the ring with Mickie James, it would be a bucket list match. Absolutely.”

On a lighter note, Wilde said that while she’s closer with Mickie and would love to work with her, she doesn’t feel like they will be trading playlists anytime soon.

“Yeah, look, I am eclectic. I am open-minded to all music genres, but I grew up in Canada and country is just not as naturally embedded as you know, the Virginia version of Mickie James was. She’s incredibly talented, but I don’t think we’ll be exchanging Spotify playlists anytime.” [laughs]

Mickie almost got the chance to challenge Taylor to a match on the October 20 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, but VXT and Gisele Shaw attacked them before it could happen. Now that both women are on the same page, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before the two Knockouts square off.

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