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Thunder Rosa Is Done With Rumors Diminishing Her Name: It’s Not Fair And I’m Sick Of It

AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa had a lot on her mind this morning.

On Friday’s episode of Busted Open Radio, co-host Thunder Rosa addressed Toni Storm‘s recent interview with Bleacher Report and a lot of other things that were on her mind.

“I know you texted me this week after you saw an article written about, and I love that clickbait, right? Toni Storm has something to say about Thunder Rosa and the Interim Championship,” she began. “And I really wanted to address this because it has come to my attention, not from necessarily people that work in the place that I work, but some veterans have informed me that there is a widespread of lies going on in different parts, and I’m part of this rumors or whatever. And when I read these comments about the Interim Championship, they came to me as no surprise.

“I have not been on national TV for the last two months, and my name keeps being mentioned, either for good or for bad. But in the first month and a half, there was a lot of controversy around Thunder Rosa and what Thunder Rosa was and was not doing. First, with people diminishing my line of work. It is interesting because, as a Latina and for a long time, I tried to stay away from it, but I think it is time for me to say something about my work. As a Latina, it’s very hard to make a name for yourself because I’m not a second-generation wrestler.

“I am self-made, and I’ve had the opportunity, and I had the great chance to work in many different companies where they believe in my work. And sometimes, it just takes one privileged person or someone with clout to like a tweet and destroy everything you’ve done. And again, it influences how fans see and perceive you as a wrestler. And this time, I remember a couple of weeks ago, we talked about how one of my co-workers had to come out and do a live feed, which I was ready to do a live feed on Wednesday, but I wanted to use Busted Open instead. And I wanted to say that it is important for you guys if you don’t hear it from me. Just don’t say anything.

“If you’re in the back and you’re in distress about me being the champion and me being called the champion. I don’t call the shots. I have a boss, and there’s a booker in our office that make the decisions. So if you are distraught about what is being booked, maybe you should talk to the booker and keep my name out of your mouth. I mean, it is really hard when people are approaching you, and they’re still asking you because I have some friends that still ask me if I’m faking an injury. And I’m telling you these rumors are started by one or two people, and they just spread out, and it’s not fair.

“I don’t feel like no other wrestler has gone through this like not at all. If somebody gets hurt, it’s like, oh, they’re hurt, but when it was me, it was immediately after everybody was writing the get wells on Twitter after my promo came out; it was just like a flood of disgusting things that were natural came out, and I’m sick of it. I’m really sick of it. It is really hard for me to manage some of this stuff, but I have to face it. I am hurt. And if you have something to ask, you can go on my YouTube and watch my YouTube videos I have posted every time I’m in a doctor’s office, showing you and explaining what’s going on with me.

“And as a matter of fact, in a week or two, I’m getting another epidural so I can go on back to training because I want to get back in the ring. I want to get back in the ring, and that’s it. And I want to show you when they put the needle in my back so they can shut the f*ck up and stop saying that I am not hurt. That hurts because I’m trying to get out and trying to mentally get prepared to get back in the ring to get back and do what I love to do the most, which is professional wrestling.

“But again, there’s certain people that cannot keep my name out of their mouths. I mean, am I that important in their lives for them to continue to create more and more rumors about what I’m doing or what am I not doing? I mean, Busted Open Nation. I am really sorry that I have to say this again. But I want to use this platform because enough is enough. And some people were texting me, ‘Melissa, why did you put that on Facebook?’ Because enough is enough. I’m tired. I want to get better. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

“And when people have absolutely nothing to do but to create rumors and spread them out instead of texting me directly because you all got my number, it creates a lot of problems in my career too, with my family. Because my family are worried they get harassed, they get everything else. This person is trying to find dirt on me like, seriously. I’m telling you on national radio and also the listeners that I listened to wrestling in America. Just keep my name out of your mouth and just shut up. If you have a problem, you know I’m transparent. What you see is what you get. That’s the truth.

“I am very proud of what I’ve done to provide for my family and others. And one thing I want to mention, I will never forget that time that I was trying to raise money for Uvalde families. I was trying to raise money for 20 families that lost their kids. And I don’t know who the heck decided that it was a great idea to talk to the dirt sheets and talk shit about me. And unfortunately, we were not able to raise money like we tried to. We only raised $5,000, which is nothing, and they took away the goodness of what we’re trying to do for other purposes.

“What is the purpose to try to destroy somebody’s career or somebody’s status when they work so hard and the only thing that they’re trying to do is to feed their family? I am still hurt. They haven’t given me a time yet when I’m coming back. I’m saying it’s January, and I hope it is January. And again, if Toni Storm disagrees with what’s decided in the back, that’s not my problem. That is not my problem, Toni. And when I get better because I will still be the champion. If my boss lets me be the champion if he doesn’t, I will be okay with that decision too because I don’t make the rules. And that needs to be said.

“I feel your pain, Toni Storm. I really do feel your pain. I really know, and I read that you are doing all the work every single week. Guess what? I’m doing the same work. I am trying to get better to get back in the ring to defend his championship. But in the meantime, get some wins under your belt so you can talk shit about Thunder Rosa. And that goes for anyone in the back or anyone who feels they have a target on their back because I am still the champion. Well, I’m sorry. Have some respect. I have done nothing; I have never disrespected anybody in the company. I had so many opportunities because I work on Busted Open Radio, and if I want, I can trash everyone, but what’s the point?”

For those unaware, this is what Toni Storm said to Bleacher Report earlier this week regarding Thunder Rosa and being the Interim AEW Women’s World Champion.

“I guess my first thing would be to beat Thunder Rosa and stop this interim nonsense,” Toni Storm said. “That’s kind of what’s been bothering me. I think that’s been bothering a lot of people because she’s still calling herself the AEW women’s world champion, and I’m the one here every week doing the work. Right now. I guess it’s about being a good champion, being a strong champion. That’s what I’m up against every day. I’m working harder than I ever had in my entire career. The time is now. I look at every week as just an opportunity to prove myself. I love giving it my all, and who knows where we go from here? But all I know is I’m gonna continue to work hard.”

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