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Taylor Wilde Teases Witchy Evolution Coming To Her IMPACT Wrestling Character

Taylor Wilde is ready to evolve her current character on IMPACT Wrestling in the coming months.

IMPACT Knockout Taylor Wilde recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. Over the years, Wilde has shared her love of witchcraft and the occult on social media and through her podcast, Wilde OnWhen asked if she had any interest in implementing witchcraft into her current character, Wilde confirmed that is absolutely the goal.

“Yeah. Oh my god. Absolutely,” Taylor Wilde confirmed. “And you are not the first person to say that. And it’s one of those things to stay tuned to watch the evolution because I think it made sense to pick up where I left off. But me as a person, as you’ve seen on my social media, I’ve gone through this spiritual witchy evolution.

“And I think it makes sense to give that story its context on the show, and we wouldn’t want to just throw it out there without telling a little bit of a story because that wouldn’t make for good wrestling. So I would just say stay tuned because I think the evolution of Taylor Wilde is going to be featured over the next few months, and yeah, it’s gonna get wild.”

When asked what currently stands out to her at IMPACT Wrestling right now, Wilde pointed to the growth of the Knockouts division as well as the company’s openness to booking intergender matches on weekly television.

“I think it’s just the growth of women’s wrestling and the integration into this intergender world and how IMPACT seems to be a spearhead of that, and then companies follow suit,” Taylor Wilde said. “And it’s like I said, I’m back.

“I want to experience everything that I’ve been sitting at home for the past year waiting to do, but I also want to expand my horizons as I’m not getting any younger. I’m interested in the backstage roles as well. So, I know it sounds totally cliche, but I really just want to involve myself in every way because IMPACT really has been my long-standing family, and I just want to give back what that company has given me.”

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What do you make of Taylor Wilde’s comments? Would you like to see her implement witchcraft into her current character at IMPACT Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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