WWe nxt halloween havoc Results

NXT Halloween Havoc Results – 10/22/22

NXT Halloween Havoc Results

October 22, 2022 

Ladder Match — NXT North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes vs. Oro Mensah vs. Wes Lee vs. Von Wagner vs. Nathan Frazer

Frazer hits an early splash on the floor then fights with Melo and Mensah for the ladder. Frazer decks Hayes again and gets the ladder in the corner, then Wes gets control of the ladder and stomps it into Wagner’s stomach. Wagner regains control and hits Frazer in the ribs with it, but Frazer holds on in the corner so Wagner powerbombs him repeatedly into the ladder. Melo slams Mensah on the ladder, then Frazer hits him with a springboard moonsault onto the ladder that results in a holy shit chant. Wes charges Wagner and hits a spin kick, then Mensah dives on everyone on the floor before setting up the ladder.

Robert Stone and Trick Williams end up getting involved and both climb the ladder. Stone throws a shoe before both get thrown off of the ladder and outside. Mensah rushes in and tries to climb the ladder, but Wagner cuts him off before he slams the ladder into Mensah’s ribs. Wagner gets another ladder and sets it up but Frazer tackles him and sends him crashing through a ladder on the apron. Wagner ends up regaining control and gets a ladder in the center of the ring, but Wes tries to cut him off. Wagner picks him up and press slams him over the ropes and onto the commentary table, resulting in another (well-deserved) holy shit chant.

Frazer rushes in the ring and shoves Wagner off the ladder, then takes him outside with a headscissors over the top rope. Mensah gets another ladder fights with Frazer in the center of the ring, then Melo hits Mensah in the knees with it and sends him outside. Melo rushes up the ladder and reaches for the belt, but Lee leaps off of another ladder and knocks him down. Lee snaps Melo’s head on a horizontal ladder, then he slugs it out with Melo on top off it. The ladder, balanced on the ropes and a vertical ladder, gives as Wes tackles Melo. Wes climbs over Melo and up the standing ladder, and takes the title to win.

Winner and NEW NXT North American Champion – Wes Lee

Toxic Attraction pulls up to a haunted area where a zombie butler greets them. There’s a really cheesy haunted house vibe about the place, and the trio walks around the area looking for Alba Fyre. The trio splits up to find Alba, and she ends up taking Jacy. Gigi finds Chucky and has tea with him, then Alba attacks Gigi and fights her in the kitchen. Gigi smashes some plates on her face and hits her with the fridge door, but a demon comes out of the fridge and pulls her inside. Alba and Mandy are left, and Alba hits her in the stomach with a bat. Some masked guy runs in and slides across the ground, and Mandy tries to hit Alba with a bat. A pumpkin-headed guy stops her, then Alba knocks Mandy out and puts her in their car. Alba knocks Jacy and Gigi out, then drives away with Mandy.

Casket Match

Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller

Waller and Crews go right at it, going back and forth before they climb the turnbuckles. Waller ends up shoving Crews off the turnbuckle and through the casket, and Waller declares himself the winner. The lights go out, then they come up and Crews is gone. Ominous music plays and Crews is standing in the aisle as druids bring another casket out. Crews smashes the ring steps on him and beats him down in the ring, then rolls him into the new casket, which is much larger and lined with red felt. Waller stops Crews from closing the lid and punches Crews, then he slams the lid on Crews’ head and tries to close the lid. Crews stops him and pulls him in the casket, and they stand up and slug it out. Waller gets the advantage and tries to hit a Tombstone, but Crews counters with a sit-out side slam and rolls him to the casket. Waller throws a few punches, but Crews ends up lifting him up and slamming him into the casket, closing the lid to win.

Winner – Apollo Crews

Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: Weapons Wild match

Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade

Roxanne tries to hit Cora with a skateboard but Cora ducks and runs away. Roxanne catches up with her and slams her into the apron before trying to use the skateboard again. Cora blocks it, then Roxanne slams Cora’s face on the mat while she’s laying on the skateboard. Roxanne rolls Cora outside and slams her on the floor. Cora sprays something in Roxanne’s eyes to gain the advantage, then she puts a trash can on Roxanne’s head and kicks her in the head. Roxanne mounts a brief comeback and whips Cora with a rope, then she reverses a running attack and whips Cora into the steps. Roxanne remains in control for a bit, and Cora tries to run away into the crowd.

Cora climbs the preshow stage and Roxanne gives chase, and Cora slams her on the floor of the stage. Cora takes the guardrail off of the stage and taunts Cora, but Roxanne punches her a few times before pausing. Cora begs her not to throw her off of the stage, but Roxanne swings and Cora grabs her arm, and both women fall down and crash into a table below them. Both women make it to their feet and fight back into the ring, and Cora says something to Roxanne about never being her best friend. Roxanne counters Cora’s offense and hits a Canadian Destroyer through a pile of chairs.

Winner – Roxanne Perez

Ambulance Match

Damon Kemp vs. Julius Creed 

Creed picks up some pumpkins in the entranceway and whips them at Kemp’s head. He grabs Kemp and whips him around the ringside area and they fight towards the ambulance. Kemp makes it in the ambulance and throws some equipment outside, then he hits Creed with a crutch and a fire extinguisher. Kemp stays on offense and nearly wins it, but Creed kicks the ambulance door open and gets back on the attack. Creed beats Kemp down at ringside and goes for the ring steps but Kemp chokeslams him on them. Kemp taunts the crowd, but Creed regains control and puts Kemp in a wheelchair. He wedges a crutch in the wheelchair to act like a restraint, then slams Kemp into the ringpost.

Kemp breaks free and the two just start whipping equipment at each other, from the ring bell to equipment cases. Kemp throws Creed in a laundry cart and slams him into the ambulance, then Kemp powerslams Creed into the ambulance and tries to close the door. Creed puts his hands out to stop it, so Kemp repeatedly slams the door on Creed’s fingers. Creed psyches himself up and rushes at Kemp, and he unloads on him with chairshots before picking him up and throwing him in the ambulance.

Winner – Julius Creed

NXT Women’s Championship

Mandy Rose (c) vs. Alba Fyre

The ambulance is shown leaving the WWE Performance Center right as Alba pulls up in the Range Rover. Mandy tries to run when they stop, but Alba fights her as they make it into the building. The ref calls for the bell as Alba gets Mandy in the ring, but Mandy mounts a comeback and stomps Alba in the corner. Mandy hits a spinebuster and gets two, then Gigi and Jacy show up as Alba gets a two count after a powerbomb. Alba hits a Swanton, but the ref gets pulled outside by Gigi and Jacy. A ref bump to the floor results in him missing the count for Alba’s pin after a Gory Bomb, then Alba gets decked by Jacy at ringside. Mandy runs over and knees her in the face and gets the cover.

Winner – Mandy Rose

NXT Championship

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh

Breakker takes control early on and knocks Dragunov with a clothesline. McDonagh tries to steal a rollup, then he ends up back on the floor and keeps taunting Breakker. Dragunov regains control and attacks both opponents, hitting a corner-to-corner dropkick on both of them. McDonagh ends up getting up and taunting his opponents as they square off, so Breakker and Dragunov set their sights on him and end up trading punches.

McDonagh gets thrown on the floor, then Breakker and Dragunov face off before slugging it out. Dragunov takes Breakker down and elbows him in the back of the head, then he hits the ropes but Breakker fires back with a clothesline. McDonagh gets back in and eats a Frankensteiner by Breakker, but Dragunov catches McDonagh on the way down and hits a seated powerbomb. Dragunov fires off with some chops, then Breakker goes for a spear and ends up on the floor with Dragunov. McDonagh kicks Dragunov in the chest, then they make it back in and Dragunov hits a powerbomb. McDonagh gets a 450 for a two count, then hits a brainbuster on Breakker for another near fall.

Dragunov connects with a German suplex on McDonagh, then Breakker hits him with a top rope bulldog. McDonagh runs in and tries to steal the pin, then Dragunov gets his own near fall on Breakker but McDonagh stops the ref’s count. Dragunov is pissed, and he goes to attack McDonagh on the floor. Dragunov runs around the whole ring and levels him with a clothesline, then he unloads with chops on Breakker. He gets caught by Breakker, then they trade punches and forearms in the middle of the ring. Dragunov hits a German suplex and sets up in the corner, but Breakker spears him for the win.

Winner – Bron Breakker

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