WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (10/24/22): Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

WWE Raw Results – October 24, 2022

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The Judgment Day kick off the show as all four members take turns speaking. Ripley hypes up Dominik being a real man after being AJ Styles last week. Priest tells the fans to rise and appreciate the greatest luchador in the business, Dominik Mysterio. Dom says Judgment Day were the only ones who believed in him, and that he’s better than Eddie Guerrero. The OC come out and compare Dominik to James Ellsworth. AJ Styles says there will come a time where Dom won’t be about to hide behind his group. Balor says Styles is hiding behind The Club right now. Anderson gets on the mic and challenges Balor to a match right now.

Karl Anderson vs. Finn Balor

Balor initially knocks Anderson down, but Anderson comes back with a dropkick. After the break, Balor whips Anderson across the ring before Karl connects with a low dropkick to the knee. Karl continues to target the left leg with kicks and a stretch in the corner. Balor hits a neckbreaker for a cover. Balor applies a headlock on the mat. Karl lands a neckbreaker before Balor comes back with the slingblade. Corner dropkick from Balor, who goes up top but is tripped up. Anderson goes up and lands a big suplex. Dom gets on the apron, but Styles drags him down. Priest throws Styles over the announce desk. Ripley shoves Gallows into the ring post and slams him on the floor. Anderson kicks Balor in the face and lifts him up. Dom distracts the ref, allowing Ripley to low blow Karl. Balor pins for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

Backstage, Johnny Gargano tells The Miz to quit lying and tell the truth about whatever is happening with Dexter Lumis. Miz says he’s going out to set the record straight.

The Miz runs down his history with Dexter Lumis over the last couple of months. Miz was kidnapped because Lumis wanted his mind. Miz says Lumis was jealous that he chose Tommaso Ciampa to be his partner. Miz pleads with the crowd, asking if anyone knows where Ciampa is. Johnny Gargano interrupts and says Miz is full of crap. Gargano says he texted Ciampa to confirm he’s injured. Johnny asks Miz to tell the truth, otherwise he’ll blow the whistle. Miz says he’s given nothing but the truth, which leads to R-Truth interrupting. Truth says, “You said you wanna tell the truth… Dawg, I’m here.” Miz and Truth go back and forth about Charlotte, NC. Truth teases a match, and Miz declines. Gargano pokes fun at Miz’s balls being deflated, which prompts Miz to agree to a match.

R-Truth vs. The Miz

Truth hits his signature Cena spots including the shoulder tackles, slam, and an attempted 5 knuckle shuffle. Miz counters and hits a running knee. He sets up for his finisher when he spots a masked man in the front row. Truth rolls Miz up for the win. The man unmasks to reveal it was only Johnny Gargano.

Winner: R-Truth

Cathy Kelley sits down with Candice LeRae for an interview. Candice said one minute they were in NXT, then they stepped back to expand their family before joining Raw. Damage CTRL interrupts. Bayley says Alexa and Asuka aren’t here to listen to Candice’s sob story anymore. Candice asks what Bayley is trying to prove. Candice says IYO is still untrustworthy, Dakota is still spiteful, and Bayley is still not champion. Bayley knocks down the camera and the group beats Candice down.

Elias and Riddle talk things out after their encounter last week. Riddle says he’s been hitting the bongs all week before smacking his bongos. Alpha Academy interrupts and Gable tells them to shoosh. Elias says he hates being interrupted, so he challenges Gable to a match tonight.

Theory and Ali make their entrances for their match. Before the bell rings, Seth Rollins comes out. We see replays of Ali beating up Rollins to close last week’s Raw.

Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

Lock up leads to Ali being shoved down. Theory maintains control by holding Ali in the ropes before continuing the beatdown in the corner. Ali throws punches but takes a knee to the gut, cover. Ali hits a hurricanrana and sends Theory to the top rope. Ali goes up with but gets shoved off and backflips. Ali dropkicks Theory, who rolls out. Theory trips Ali off the apron, throws him against the announce desk, and hits a neckbreaker onto the floor. After the break, Ali dropkicks Theory mid-selfie off the apron and gets a nearfall. Tornado DDT out of the corner from Ali. Theory catches Ali with a backbreaker to the knee, two count. Ali goes up top, and Rollins gets in the ring. Theory kicks Ali off and hits A-Town Down for the win.

Winner: Austin Theory

Rollins tosses Ali out of the ring before throwing him into the time keeper’s area. Rollins takes Ali into the crowd before telling security to take him out of here. Rollins goes to leave and Ali flies out of nowhere to continue the brawl on the stage. Ali throws Rollins into the LED board head-first. Rollins escapes as Ali says he’s not going anywhere.

Miz finds Gargano and is irritated the he was deceived. Gargano turns around into JBL and Corbin. JBL says Gargano needs to stop and introduce himself. Gargano shakes JBL’s hand and makes fun of his baggy clothes. Johnny says he doesn’t know what name Corbin goes by now. JBL issues a challenge for Gargano vs. Corbin tonight.

MVP cuts a quick promo on Omos tossing Braun Strowman out of the ring last week. He asks the four competitors about to face Omos about what makes them think they can stand a chance. Omos’ hand is bigger than one guy’s head. MVP says he hope Braun is watching because there will only be one monster in WWE after Crown Jewel.

Omos vs. 4 Local Competitors

Omos tosses one then shoulder tackles two. The fourth flies from the top, but Omos strikes him down before power slamming him. Three try to triple team with punches, but Omos powers out. Omos hits Snake Eyes and a big boot on another. Omos runs corner to corner to squash two men. Omos stacks two men and puts his boot on them to win.

Winner: Omos

Elias vs. Chad Gable

Gable rolls Elias around on the mat for a moment. Gable tries to escape Elias but gets caught in a headlock. After the break, Gable applies an ankle lock. Elias is lifted up over Gable’s head and flipped over for a unique DDT. Gable goes for a moonsault, but Elias counters in the air with a lifted knee to the head. Elias is shoved out of the ring and Otis runs into the ring post. Elias jumps back in and boots Gable. Elias hits Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias

After, Otis flattens Elias and stomps on him until Gable joins the brawl. Matt Riddle comes out on his scooter to make the save. Riddle knees Gable and throws Otis out for a soccer kick to the chest. Floating Bro off the apron wipes the team out. Riddle checks on Elias and raises his hand.

Anderson is icing his groin in the medical room as Gallows says he’s going to take care of Ripley. After the break, Gallows comes back holding himself. They all agree they have a Rhea Ripley problem, teasing that they need to find a woman to join them.

JBL cuts a promo, running down Charlotte and Gargano, before introducing Corbin.

Johnny Gargano vs. Baron Corbin

JBL joins commentary. Corbin tosses Gargano in the corner, but Johnny switches spots and throws punches. Gargano with a hurricanrana and dropkick. He flies out of the ring with a dive. Corbin punches Gargano off the apron and drives him back-first into the ring post. Back inside, Corbin whips Gargano into the corner and throws a right. They trade blows before Corbin is dropkicked out of the ring. Gargano runs off the apron but gets caught and slammed onto the announce desk. JBL and Corbin high-five.

After the break, Corbin beats Gargano down for a minute until Gargano dodges a spear in the corner. Gargano does a few punches, kick to the head, double knees in the corner, and a bulldog. He spears from the apron, cover. Corbin hits the fallaway slam before getting rolled up. Gargano kicks and unloads with punches but Corbin catches him with Deep Six, nearfall. Corbin takes Gargano up top where they trade blows. Gargano dodges by jumping off and lands a superkick to the head, two count. Gargano dives out but gets caught and thrown against the announce desk again. Corbin runs into the steel steps when Gargano moves. Gargano gets on the desk and pauses. He picks up JBL’s hat and dances with it on. Gargano hits Corbin with a tornado DDT with the hat on. JBL trips Gargano off the apron while the ref isn’t looking. Corbin lands End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Backstage, Cathy Kelley asks Bianca Belair what her match means tonight. Belair says it’ll mean ending this feud once and for all. Belair says if she has to take out Dakota and IYO to get to Bayley, then that is what she will do. She says this is about payback and she’s not stopping until Bayley is left with absolutely nothing.

The Miz hands Gargano a get well soon card for Candice. Miz tries to get Gargano to forget about their beef, but Gargano says he will reveal Miz’s secret next week.

We get a video package on Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel.

Bayley vs. Bianca Belair

Lockup starts. Belair backs Bayley into the corner before separating. Another lockup, Bayley takes Belair to the corner. Belair with a waistlock takedown, Bayley elbows out. Bayley targets the left arm. Belair does a shoulder tackle before Bayley catches her with a quick pin. Belair backflips out of the corner, but Bayley clips her with a forearm. Belair tries a couple roll ups. She moonsaults out of the corner and hits a suplex. Bayley gets Belair trapped in a chinlock on the mat. Belair powers out with a backbreaker to her knee. Belair crossbodies out of the ring to flatten Bayley.

After the break, Bayley suplexes Belair off the apron and on to the floor. Back inside, Bayley targets the left arm again. Belair throws punches, but Bayley throws her down. In the corner, Bayley delivers punches to the head. Belair breaks free and lifts Bayely for KOD, but Bayley grabs the rope to get out. She pulls Belair’s arm into the rope and goes for a cover. Belair dodges a couple elbow drops. Bayley falls to the floor as Belair leaps over the ropes and back inside. Belair lands a suplex on the mat. Belair throws punches in the corner until Bayley uses the braid. Belair counters with a powerslam, but Bayley gets her knees up on the moonsault. Belair rolls Bayley up out of Bayley to Belly. Shoulder block flattens the champ. Belair gets her knees up to stop an elbow drop. Belair lands the moonsault, nearfall. They move to the timekeeper’s area where Bayley DDT’s Belair off the barricade.

After the last commercial break, Bayley gets out of a potential suplex on top. Bayley puts Belair up for KOD, but Belair lands on her feet. Belair connects with Bayley to Belly for a nearfall. Outside, Belair turns Bayley around into the steps. Back inside, they trade blows until Belair lands a spinebuster, two count. IYO gets on the apron for a moment. Bayley hits Bayley to Belly from the top rope, nearfall. Kai and SKY clear the announce desk bbefore Belair drops both of them with forearms. Belair catches Bayley and powerbombs her onto the desk and then onto the ring post before dropping her face-first onto the apron. SKY drives Belair into the desk as Kai hits a pump kick. They throw her back in and the ref sees it. He tosses both of them out. A woman wipes out Kai, SKY, and the ref with a crossbody but we can’t see who it is. Belair hits KOD, but there’s no ref. It’s Nikki Cross! She hits Belair with a neckbreaker, allowing Bayley to pin her when a second ref comes down.

Winner: Bayley

Nikki Cross proceeds to attack Bayley as well after the match. She unloads with punches as the crowd boos and the show goes off the air.

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