Keiji Muto
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Keiji Muto Comments On His Relationship With Hiroshi Tanahashi

Keiji Muto and Hiroshi Tanahashi will meet one final time.

Pro Wrestling NOAH previously announced a six-man tag team match for their upcoming PRO-WRESTLING LOVE FOREVER.3 – TRIUMPH event on October 30th.  There, Keiji Muto will continue his retirement tour, teaming up with Naomichi Marufuji and Yoshiki Inamura to face NJPW’s Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma.

Muto spoke about his relationship with Tanahashi, who is now known as the “Ace” of New Japan.

“Tanahashi was my Young Boy when he was young. When I said, ‘Would you like to walk my path? Together?’” He got it,” Muto explained. “Professional wrestling is a sport where you have to show your way of life. So, though we’ve parted ways, I’ve had a lot of experiences since then, and I’m still here. Tanahashi is also protecting New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and is now said to be the ace of New Japan.”

“Now the Ace is like a signboard of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but I quit. There was a time when he really struggled. After wrestling against me, after winning against me, he has grown rapidly to the present day. I was making an effort. He was a practice bug. The only difference is that my body is bigger than his. To make up for that, while Tanahashi is a little smaller, I really practiced. It’s not just about practice, but also about nutrition and things like that. I was there, and I think that’s why Tanahashi exists today.”

During a recent interview, Tanahashi said he didn’t want to give Muto his flowers since they were going to be on opposing sides soon. Muto responded and said he will show Tanahashi exactly what he’s up against.

“The pro wrestler Keiji Muto was born and raised in New Japan Pro Wrestling. This time, while I do want to stand in the NJPW ring, I have to ask Tanahashi to decide if it’s a good thing to go up to the ring or not. A response with a clear point must be made, so I can show him a strong Keiji Muto. I’m here.”

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