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Liv Morgan Gets Stabbed To Death On ‘Chucky’, Get A Behind The Scenes Look On How It Happened

Liv Morgan could not escape the wrath of Chucky.

In the latest episode of Chucky, former Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan appeared. Airing on SYFY and the USA Network, Morgan portrayed herself on the October 26th “Death On Denial” episode. In the final scenes of the episode though, Morgan met a fatal end from the horror movie villain.

As Chucky and Morgan sat together on a couch, Chucky replayed a recent interview Morgan did where she expressed her wish to be killed by Chucky. The red-headed doll then whipped out a butcher’s knife before Morgan could plead, “just kidding.” Chucky then unleashed a fury of bloody stabs at the former champion.  Unfortunately, Morgan would succumb to Chucky’s murderous action, effectively dying on screen.

Check out a clip of the closing scene of the episode below:

In a recent chat with USA Insider, Morgan revealed her deep affinity for the horror genre, specifically with the Chucky franchise. “I feel like I turned into a horror buff as I got older, but I’ve been a fan of the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise my entire life. I’ve seen every movie and Season 1 of Chucky was something that I just loved. My fandom for ‘Chucky’ runs very, very deep — I have like, three Chucky dolls in my home,” she said.

Morgan got the guest role after speaking with WWE management and got contacted by the show’s creator, Don Mancini. Morgan described her subsequent experience on the show as “incredible”.

Fans can watch a behind-the-scenes look at how the spot was filmed below.

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