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Allison Danger Recalls Having Great Match With Becky Lynch On The Fly

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Allison Danger, who made a one-off return to the ring on October 27 to team up with her nephew Colby Corino. While reflecting on her career, Danger named a 2006 match that she believes fully represents what she can do.

“I would say the first match [between] me and Becky Lynch, SHIMMER Volume 3. Yeah, I’d say that. Because that was thrown together extremely quickly. It was more, never met each other, ‘Hey, I’m Becky.’ ‘Hey, I’m Danger.’ This, this, this, this, then high-five and go out to the ring. That was the conversation. I want to say her flight was delayed or something. I mean, this was years ago. I wanna say her flight was delayed, so she got there right before our match. She might’ve even been changing in the car if I remember.”

Danger elaborated, “But just to go out there with very little conversation, not even knowing each other, and to get through especially the technically game, I just am always really, really proud of that match. So when I tell people you get a feel of who I am as a babyface, and what I can do, that’s one of the matches I jump to.”

When it comes to how she lays out her matches to reach the desired outcome, Danger suggested less is more for her. She also named a few of the women she had the best chemistry with.

“I like to have less. I like to feel the moment, feel the crowd, see how it’s going. I feel like if I have A to Z locked in, and something goes wrong at H, what do I do with the rest of the letters? So I like to have less stuff planned. Me and Cheerleader Melissa brought out the more violent sides of each other. Like we would just get in there and kick the crap out of each other. I feel like me and Sara Del Rey had good chemistry, both in a tag and as opponents. She kicked the crap out of me. I always had good stuff with Daizee Haze. I always felt really comfortable with MsChif back in the day. As a tag team, I feel like me and Leva [Bates] were really good together, personality-wise, thinking things through, and I really cherish the time I had with her as her partner.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Allison Danger’s career, including some SHIMMER matches against Beth Phoenix, Bayley and Candice LeRae.

Beth Phoenix vs. Allison Danger

SHIMMER Volume 1 — November 6, 2005

Allison Danger vs. LuFisto

SHIMMER Volume 8 — October 22, 2006

Buggy & Davina Rose (Bayley) vs. Allison Danger & Candice LeRae

NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood #31 — April 10, 2011

Saraya Knight (w/ Britani Knight aka Saraya/Paige) vs. Allison Danger

SHIMMER Volume 41 — October 1st, 2011

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