The Miz Dexter Lumis WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano Accuses The Miz Of Paying Dexter Lumis On 10/31 WWE RAW

Johnny Gargano threw some huge claims against The Miz this week, accusing the superstar of paying Dexter Lumis to attack him throughout the past couple of weeks.

In a “tell-all” interview on the October 31 episode of WWE RAW, Gargano said that he’s known Dexter Lumis for years and that, despite some “quirks,” he has come to accept Lumis like a son-in-law, even after the various obstacles life has thrown their way. He then revealed that Lumis was taken advantage of by The Miz, and that on the night of Gargano’s return, he had heard The Miz and Lumis talking, so he recorded it.

Gargano then played the audio, which revealed The Miz and Lumis arranging for the former NXT star to attack him later that night. Gargano said that he believes “The A-Lister” did it because he wants attention, so he faked having a stalker. Now, though, he believes Miz has stopped paying Lumis, and that’s why the latter has been aggressively targeting him.

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