the miz
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The Miz: I Am A Gift To WWE And It’s Time I Start Being Treated Like It

the miz
Photo Credit: WWE

The Miz says he is tired of being disrespected after getting knocked out by Roman Reigns and having Johnny Gargano expose the true nature of his relationship with Dexter Lumis.

On the October 31 episode of Monday Night Raw, The Miz tried to get Roman Reigns to help him with his Dexter Lumis problem but got a Superman punch for his troubles. Later that night, The Miz would lose to Mustafa Ali and have the nature of his relationship with Dexter Lumis exposed by Johnny Gargano. Johnny claims that The Miz was paying Dexter Lumis to act as a stalker so that he could enhance the value of his celebrity by saying that he is so famous, he has a celebrity stalker.

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On the latest episode of WWE Raw Talk, Miz tells Cathy Kelley that he’s tired of being disrespected after giving 18 years of his life to WWE.

First, I go out there and I acknowledge The Tribal Chief, alright? I say, ‘You’re The Tribal Chief, I acknowledge you.’ What does he do? He sucker punches me! Did I go out there and say, ‘Oh, I’m the only two-time Grand Slam champion in this ring?’ No. Did I say, ‘Hey I beat you for the Intercontinental Title?’ No. I acknowledged him. Then, I was a hero. I hurt my jaw, broken, done. It probably needs to be wired shut, which would make everybody happy. I went out there and I still fought Mustafa Ali and they booed me and chanted… you know what they chanted.”

Miz continued, “Then, they allowed that slanderous crap. To go out there and talk like Johnny Gargano did, I can’t believe WWE would do this to me. After all that I’ve been through, after all that I’ve done. 18 years! This is the thanks I get? This is the pat on the back I get, then pulling out these stupid stories? really?! Do you think I would do that? I’m a celebrity! I’m a movie star. I’m the biggest star in WWE. I walk out of this arena and everyone knows who I am.

“‘Oh, I loved you on Dancing With the Stars. Oh, I loved you on The Real World. Oh, I love you in WWE. They love me in everything! I’m amazing. I’m a gift to this company and I need to start being treated like it.”

In nearly two decades with WWE, The Miz has only been injured once and he does lay claim, as he mentioned, to being the only two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. Still, all anyone wants to talk about are his tiny balls.

Maybe, one day, he will get the respect he is longing for.

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