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GCW’s Brett Lauderdale Doesn’t Want Hammerstein Return Unless It’s Done Right, With A Purpose

This past January, Game Changer Wrestling officially sold out the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Headlined by a GCW Tag Team Championship match between the Briscoe Brothers and Matt Tremont and Nick Gage, “The World On GCW” shattered the promotion’s all-time viewership record on FITE TV. With its massive success, many wrestling fans have been hoping for a return of the successful show. However, owner Brett Lauderdale has some apprehension.

“No holds right now [on a potential date], and I don’t think it’s gonna happen this January,” he told The Business of the Business podcast on a potential return. “I think that there’s a couple dominoes that I’m waiting to kind of fall in place and again, I don’t wanna do it unless we can do it right and do it big. I don’t wanna go there and do it again and sell 500 tickets or whatever. I wanna go there for a purpose.”

“I think I have a purpose in mind, but I need all the planets to align again. I don’t think it’s too far off, but I don’t wanna do it until I’m 100% ready. So I continue to have a good relationship with the Manhattan Center, and I talk to my contact there every once in a while. I think, again, when the time is right, it’s gonna happen, but I just don’t know when yet.”

Although no current plans call for a return to the Hammerstein Ballroom, GCW will be partnering with FITE TV to establish a new home for the promotion. As reported on November 1st, FITE+ will now host GCW events, as well as an archive of shows from the company’s digital library.

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