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Report: Five Talents From WWE NXT Have Been Released

There are reportedly some releases taking place at WWE NXT today.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, WWE NXT releases are happening today, and have confirmed five names so far that have been released from the company.

-Bodhi Hayward, who had been seen most recently in Andre Chase University and was a standout in those vigettes with his facial reactions.  He was apparently written off TV with the storyline being Duke Hudson has taken him out.

-Sloane Jacobs – 19 year old talent from PA who had worked the independent scene as The Notorious Mimi before signing with NXT in March 2022.  The Monster Factory trainee had appeared on NXT in the Women’s Breakout tournament earlier this year as well as Level Up.  She worked the NXT live events over the weekend.

-Erica Yan – Originally from Shanghai, China, Yan signed last year and began appearing on NXT TV in late 2021.  She last wrestled for the brand in September 2022.

-Damaris Griffin,  a 26 year old talent from Texas who made several appearances on NXT Level Up.  He had not even been wrestling for a year with the company.

-Ru Feng, who signed a WWE NXT deal a year ago and had made appearances on 205 Live and NXT TV in an enhancement role.

Yesterday Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer reported that he heard that there would be WWE NXT releases happening this week, but these are the first names that have been reported.

It’s currently unknown if more releases will occur throughout the day or if this is the entire list.

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What do you make of this round of WWE NXT releases? Are you surprised to see any of these names on the list? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.