NWA Powerrr 11 1
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NWA Powerrr Results (11/1/22): The Cardona Family Competes

The National Wrestling Alliance delivered an action-packed show with the November 1 episode of NWA Powerrr.

The Cardona Family battled The Spectaculars in a Team War Match, and the show featured two Number One Contenders Matches.

The results are as follows:

  • Colby Corino (wih Jamie Stanley) def. Flip Gordon
  • At the podium, Jax Dane and Chris Silvio, Esq. present evidence, showing that Heather Mayweather texted Dane and invited him to come over to dinner. She then asked Dane to help her screw in a lightbulb that’s been out, as she’s been having a hard time doing it on her own. Silvio argued that Dane is the greatest attraction in the Mayweather family bedroom. He called Anthony Mayweather a coward and noted that Dane is a great champion. Silvio then stated that Mrs. Mayweather also calls Dane “daddy.”
  • Tyrus, holding the NWA TV he had announced he would relinquish, discusses his upcoming world title match. He stated that he has to overcome his loss at NWA 74, and he went so far as moving out of his own home to escape it. Tyrus noted that he won’t hesitate at NWA Hard Times 3. Next week, he will team up with Trevor Murdoch to face Pope and an opponent who hasn’t been announced yet. He emphasized that he’ll always have an issue with Pope, and he doesn’t trust Cardona, but he knows where he stands with Murdoch.
  • NWA Tag Team Championships Number One Contenders Match: Hawx Aerie (Luke & P.J. Hawx) def. Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango); they will challenge for the gold a NWA Hard Times 3.
  • Backstage, Rolando Freeman discusses his rapid rise to the top in the NWA and says he owes it all to Rolando Freeman. He says everyone has a little bit of Rolando in them. Freeman says his goal is the world title, and he’ll become the “Big Match King”.
  • Father James Mitchell hijacks the Control Center and says Natalia Markova has unfinished business with Max The Impaler. On behalf of Max, he challenges Markova to a Voodoo Queen Casket Match at NWA Hard Times 3.
  • Karate Exhibition: Question Mark (w/ Aaron Stevens) vs. Question Mark II
    • Aron Stevens interrupts and attacks Question Mark. Stevens and Question Mark beat up Question Mark II. Gaagz the Gimp makes the save by dragging Question Mark II out of the ring. Sal the Pal attacks Gaagz.
  • In an interview, KiLynn King notes that she has beaten Chelsea Green in a Triple Threat Match before, and she’s confident that she can beat Kamille at NWA Hard Times 3. She says everyone should take her seriously, as she is worthy of the main event. But becoming the new champion and ending Kamille’s reign would take her to a new level.
  • Team War: The Spectaculars (Rolando Freeman, Brady Pierce & Rush Freeman) def. The Cardona Family (Brian Myers, Mike Knox & V.S.K.) (with Matt Cardona)
    • Rolando was on the verge of winning, but Cardona pulled the referee out of the ring. Chelsea Green came to the ring and dropped Rolando with the Unprettier. Knox could have pinned Rolando, but he kept punishing the underdog, and Freeman eliminated him with a hurricanrana over the ropes.
  • NWA World Television Championship Number One Contenders Match: Mims def. Judais (with Father James Mitchell) and Gustavo

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