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Sami Zayn Hopes His Old Theme Doesn’t Come Back, Still Wants Something He Can Dance To

Sami Zayn just wants something he can skank to.

Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Zayn discussed his previous theme song, “Worlds Apart”, and shared his belief that he had it for too long.

“No, I don’t [miss it]. Honestly, I wanted to change that song for a while. I thought I had it for too long – two years too long, maybe three years too long! [laughs] Once I became a bad guy. I felt it should have switched right away. [Vince McMahon] had a bit of a different mindset about it, which I see his point,” Zayn said. “It reached a point where it didn’t match the character anymore. Especially when I was doing the conspiracy stuff.”

Though fans ask about the song’s return, Zayn stated that things change and feels like he’s a much different performer than when he debuted.

“It’s kind of sad, but you had that time with that music and that character, and that time is over. That’s how I feel about it,” Zayn said. “I worked with the music guys on this music. It still didn’t come out quite how I envisioned, and my character actually shifted a fair bit from when the new music first debuted to now.”

Asked for his thoughts on a new theme, if he were to get one, Zayn says he has to be able to dance to it.

“Something I can really dance to or commit to with my entrance. I think that’s an important quality too. My big problem with Worlds Apart was it actually very hard to dance too,” Zayn said. “It was hard to really, really sink my teeth into. I need something I can dance to, that’s very important.”

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