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Bobby Lashley: I Will Make Sure The Hurt Business Gets Back Together

Bobby Lashley wants to see the Hurt Business get back together, and he’s determined to make it happen.

The group formed in 2020; in the early stages, MVP joined forces with Lashley, an the duo later added Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin into the mix. During the stable’s remarkable run, Lashley won the WWE United States Championship and the WWE Championship, while Alexander and Benjamin had a run as the RAW Tag Team Champions. After a mini-reunion in 2021, the group disbanded in 2022. Since then, Lashley has been competing by himself, as he also parted ways with MVP earlier this year.

Speaking with Radio Rahim, Lashley was asked whether the group dismantled too soon. He responded by stating that everyone loved the Hurt Business, and he vowed to make sure that they get back together. He also pointed to the number of stables in WWE now and noted that The Hurt Business was the one that took WWE through the pandemic era. Lashley emphasized that he believes The Hurt Business should get a rebirth.

“The Hurt Business was something that everybody loved, and I think that everybody will still love, so never say never,” Lashley said. “Not even never say never. I will make sure that somehow, someway we get back together because it seems like right now, everybody’s getting back into some sort of group in the WWE. There’s so many different factions that are coming together in WWE, and the most important faction, and one of the biggest factions and one of the biggest factions over the last few years, the one that took us all the way through the pandemic was the Hurt Business.

“During the pandemic, everybody else was staying at home. There were so many people that didn’t want to go to work. There were so many people that just kind of took a back-step. Well, the Hurt Business stepped up. Myself, Shelton, Cedric, and MVP, we stepped up. We were every part of the show for a long time. So I think that should get a rebirth.”

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