Nikki Cross WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Nikki Cross Wins WWE 24/7 Championship On 11/7 WWE RAW

In a surprise victory during tonight’s episode of WWE RAW, Nikki Cross took down Dana Brooke to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion, a title she promptly discarded.

Cross took down Brooke in a relatively quick match tonight, hitting a variety of shots on Brooke before coming away with the win after hitting her finisher on Brooke. In a postmatch segment after the win, Cross was seen with the rest of Damage CTRL, and in a happy daze after winning the title.

However, the new champion promptly stopped at a trash can and tried to throw the title out, but missed. Instead of attempting to retrieve it, though, the group simply kept on walking, with Cross still in a happy daze after her win.

For a full recap of the match, check out below:

As soon as the bell rings, Cross lands a crossbody. Cross raining down punches. Cross works over Brooke. Brooke fires up. Cross hits her finish for the win.

Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Nikki Cross!

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