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Al Snow Doesn’t Understand Why AEW Continues ‘Picking At The Scab’ Of All Out

All Elite Wrestling continues to deal with the fallout from All Out, and Al Snow believes it’s time for the company to move on.

Al Snow recently sat down with T.J. Stephens of PWMania to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if the current issues in All Elite Wrestling stemming from the All Out brawl between The Elite and CM Punk can be solved, Snow said they can be but doesn’t understand why the company continues to “pick at the scab” by acknowledging it.

“I do, and it’s to acknowledge one question… why do you keep picking at the scab? Why do you keep acknowledging it?” Al Snow asked. “Why do you not just shift focus and then now try to focus on the now because it’s all about what you’re selling? Instead of continuing to pay attention to it and draw attention to it, forget about it, move on, sh*t happens. You do that in your own life; you literally do it in your own life. You either dwell on something, and hold on to it and focus all about it, and you can’t do anything to change it; it’s happened. What are we going to do?

“The number one rule in wrestling is to take sh*t and make shoe polish. That’s it. So you got sh*t? Well, what do we do? Do we dwell on it, we just keep worrying about the sh*t, or do we just now start making shoe polish out of it? Go forward; let it drop. And then, of course, they’re gonna be fans, they’re gonna hold on to it and try to keep putting a spotlight to it, don’t acknowledge it, don’t put it over, you know.

“That’s one of the biggest mistakes that every wrestling company today makes, and that is that they allow everyone out there to become so familiar with whatever they’re doing backstage that the fans become contemptuous of it. Because they now feel that they understand and know as much as those that are actually backstage do and they don’t. Because again, they don’t have the experience.

“Regardless of how much information people have, and there are lots of people as far as wrestling have an immense amount of information. But they have no actual experience inside the wrestling business, which means they have no real knowledge about what’s going on. They have an opinion, and they’re entitled to it. But they have no real knowledge about it. And so therefore, you know, you can either enjoy it for what it is, or you can become so familiar with it that you become contemptuous of the very thing that you used to enjoy.

“It becomes no more fun for the fans, if they are allowed, literally, you bought a ticket to watch a magician in the middle of his act, or right after his act, he gets done. He saws the woman in half, and then he stood up on stage and while you’re watching the show, or right after the show is over, and went ‘Hey, don’t worry about that. I put one girl up here, pull her feet up, and put the other girl down there and had her put her feet out there, and the blade never came near and either one of them.’

“Well, now you get to judge how they performed because you now know what they did and how they achieve the illusion, and you now get to become contemptuous of their performance. As opposed to you could have just been in awe and wonder, you know, pulling back the curtain. The most disappointing part of the Wizard of Oz was when you found out it was just a guy back behind a curtain turning a bunch of knobs and cranking a bunch of, you know, handles to make the illusion. It was cooler to think he was just a giant green head that was talking with fire and had some supernatural power.”

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