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Luke Hawx Is Proud To Share His Love Of Wrestling And Acting With His Children

Luke Hawx opens up about working in NWA with his son.

Since June 2021, Luke Hawx and his son PJ Hawx have put their talents on display as a father-son tag team for the National Wrestling Alliance. This Saturday at NWA Hard Times 3, the duo will take on La Rebelión for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Ahead of the bout, Hawx spoke to Scott Fishman of TV Insider about his experience in NWA thus far.

“I appreciate the NWA. It’s my favorite locker room to wrestle in and be a part of. We just have a lot of good talent including WildKat guys. Not only has Billy [Corgan] done a good job putting that roster together, but he is doing a phenomenal of rebuilding and rebranding the NWA. With my film schedule, it’s really difficult. I love wrestling and want to wrestle and love teaming with my son and traveling the world. But I also love filming, which is on a much broader scale than wrestling is. Long-term I can’t wrestle forever. I feel I haven’t hit my prime yet and am in great shape, but one day I’m not going to be able to wrestle. I can act forever. I’ve been acting since 2006 when I did my first role. To be able to juggle, fitness, wrestling, and film and be part of the NWA full-time is special to me.”

While juggling multiple careers, it’s not lost on Hawx how PJ has followed in his footsteps.

“My children are my life. My love of wrestling and film and fitness just happened to transfer over to my children. There is a great quote, ‘Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.’ That was from James Baldwin and is true. I know they have watched my hard work through the years and have come from nothing and continue to level up because of my attitude and work ethic. My son was a state-champion amateur wrestler. My youngest in sixth grade just started wrestling in middle school. When I shot the audition for Young Rock, I didn’t have anyone to shoot that for me. My son who was 10 at the time learned to shoot and read an audition. I didn’t have to teach it to him. When I pulled out the script, this dude nailed it. I know I did a good job but I think his energy and how well he did really made me step up.”

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