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Ari Daivari: Tony Khan Puts Care Into Building Cards For Dynamite And Rampage

Ari Daivari believes fans need to tone it down a notch when it comes to criticizing the way Tony Khan books AEW Rampage on a weekly basis.

Leader of The Trustbusters, Ari Daivari, was the latest guest on AEW Unrestricted with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the weekly discussion of television ratings online, Daivari said that while the numbers are fun to joke about, he believes some fans care a little too much about that stuff.

“I’ll be honest real quick on the whole ratings thing. It’s fun to joke about and all that kind of stuff, but honestly, I really feel like some people critique the show like just they care about that type of stuff a little bit too much,” Ari Daivari admitted. “I think every Friday we put on quality shows. And the best thing about Rampage is I feel like a lot of people seem to be missing the boat on is that you got Dynamite as two hours we put our big main stars on there.

“Tony is really good about developing the rest of his card. That’s the one thing I always liked about — even before I got to AEW is something I was noticing. I said he really puts thought and care and spotlight on other talents outside of his top main event guys, and that’s a big part of what Rampage is for; giving younger guys opportunities. Guys who maybe don’t get the main event or don’t get a lot of time on Dynamite, that’s what Rampage is for to build up the other guys.

“And sometimes people kind of go well; it should be the same guys we see on Dynamite on Rampage. Well, sometimes those guys want to break too. And we have a whole other talented roster that needs to get spotlighted, and I really feel like that’s what Rampage is for, and instead of looking at the numbers of the show, if you watch it on a week-to-week show, it’s quality wrestling. The entire hour, the entire time. People are just always looking for somebody to complain about, but I personally think Rampage is just as good of a show.”

Tony Schiavone agreed with what Ari Daivari had to say but also admitted that the company appreciates the feedback from its passionate fanbase. Daivari responded by noting that the people in attendance go crazy for the Rampage matches every week and believes that people on social media need to tone it down a notch.

“Honestly, like we’re there every week. If people want to complain about the Rampages and that I go, I don’t know the arena was going crazy during the Rampage matches, so I don’t know what to tell you,” Ari Daivari said. “Everyone there seemed to really enjoy themselves, so maybe some people on Twitter just need to tone it down a notch.”

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What do you make of Ari Daivari’s comments? Do you think people put way too much thought into the weekly ratings for professional wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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