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Elias On Potentially Teaming With Riddle: All Great Solo Artists Have Collaborations

Elias is thinking about teaming up with Matt Riddle.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion came out on the losing side of his match against Otis on the November 7 episode of WWE Raw. While he has rejected Riddle’s attempts to musically collaborate, the two stars have formed a tentative bond in recent weeks.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Elias confirmed that he’s thinking about teaming up with Riddle so he can handle his feud with Alpha Academy. He pointed out that he’s a solo artist, but he could still put together a collaboration.

“I can’t believe what I’m about to say. But even though Riddle is quite the personality, and he’s been carrying those bingos around, which does annoy me a little bit, it might be time for me and him to come together and handle this,” Elias said. “I know he had a rough Monday night in that six-man tag team match. I had a rough Monday night.  That was no fun. I’m a solo artist, I’ve always been a solo artist, but some of the greatest solo artists of all time have had good collaborations. So I’m considering it at least.

WWE’s resident guitar elaborated by comparing himself to great  solo artists like Johnny Cash and Elvis; he noted that they had great collaborations with other artists, so he realized he should at least consider working with Riddle.

“When I start running down the great solo artists like myself and Johnny Cash and Elvis, I start realizing these guys have had great moments together with other artists, with other entertainers,” Elias said. “I’m just thinking, considering it, okay, because I’m not going all in yet. I’m not one of those guys that just jumps in full force. But I’m considering a collaboration with Riddle. He loved my younger brother, he’s been great with me. He has been very complimentary about my music and stuff, so I gotta consider it.”

When asked whether “The Original Bro” could learn to mesh with his sound, the WWE RAW star noted that they’re very different, but he has a soft spot for the former WWE United States Champion.

“Geez, you know. If he’s open and willing to learn, perhaps,” Elias said. “I gotta say we’re pretty opposite people here in terms of demeanor, life style, musical ability, all these things. But he’s got a good heart. That’s what I noticed. He loved my younger brother, he’s very complimentary to me, so I got a little soft spot for that.”