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AEW Dynamite Results (11/9): Bryan Danielson vs. Sammy Guevara, MJF Speaks, More

All Elite Wrestling delivered a star-studded episode of AEW Dynamite on November 9.

The AEW World Eliminator Tournament kicked off with a match between Ethan Page and Eddie Kingston. Plus, Bryan Danielson faced Sammy Guevara in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match. Elsewhere on the show, FTR teamed up with The Acclaimed to face Swerve in our Glory and The Gunns, and Britt Baker had a face-to-face with Saraya.

The results are as follows:

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) and The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) vs. Swerve in Our Glory (Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland) and The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn) (with W. Morrissey)

Lee doesn’t bump Strickland’s fist when he reaches out on their way to the ring. Billy Gunn charges to the ring and tackles Strickland, but they’re separated. Billy is forced to head to the back. Colten and Harwood begin the match, and The Gunns take control early on. Harwood gains the upper hand and takes the fight to the brothers. Wheeler tags in, as does Strickland. Swerve grounds him in the corner. Wheeler drops him with a backbreaker. Caster tags in and squares off with Swerve until Lee tags in. Caster fights off his opponents, and the good guys punch their adversaries in the corner. The Acclaimed bump into FTR and cause a momentary showdown between the partners. Morrissey drops Harwood with a big boot. Lee takes control, and Strickland tags on. He maintains the advantage. Harwood gets isolated, but he rallies with a backbreaker. He tags Bowens, who clears house with a flurry of offense. The Gunns hit FTR’s Big Rig on Bowens for a two count.

The two teams brawl as the match breaks down in chaos. Lee slams Bowens into Caster. Swerve in Our Glory takes out Bowens, and Strickland dives onto everyone at ringside. Harwood superplexes Colten onto a pile of bodies. Bowens drops Colten with the Arrival, and FTR hits the Big Rig for the win.

WinnersFTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) and The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens)

An exclusive clip of MJF on Pardon My Take Plays; he says doctors told him not to travel ahead of AEW Full Gear so he can be 100%. He says his match could be the most important match in the history of the sport, as it could be the crowning moment for the next generation. MJF says he’s a generational talent, and while he doesn’t like Jon Moxley, he respects the work the champion has put in to get to this point. MJF vows to win the title because he was born to be “the” professional wrestler, as he’s the guy who can wave the flag of wrestling and take it back to where it belongs. MJF states that he’s tired of waiting his turn and having the spotlight stolen from him. He says the devil will get his due at AEW Full Gear.

In a vignette, Stokely Hathaway says MKF forgot where they came from. He says MJF is “dick-riding” Jon Moxley without a license, and he tells MJF he’ll see him in hell, no matter what happens at Full Gear.

AEW World Title Eliminator: Eddie Kingston (with Ortiz) vs. Ethan Page (with Stokely Hathaway)

The two rivals feel each other out. They trade blows, and Page hits a diving shoulder block. He drops Kingston with another one. Kingston gains the upper hand and suplexes Page on the floor. Back in the ring, Page grounds Kingston. “The Mad King” chops Page in the corner. “All Ego” floors him with a powerslam. Kingston gets a two count with a suplex. Kingston chops Page and drop him with a DDT. “The Mad King” takes Page down with an exploder suplex. He locks in the Stretch Plum, and Page taps, but Hathaway distracts the referee. Kingston stares down Stokely, and Page nails his opponent with a kick to the head.  He hits an Avalanche Ego’s Edge for the win.

Winner: Ethan Page

Backstage, Jose the Assistant says RUSH will win the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament, and 10 of Dark Order will get the first title shot. RUSH tells 10 to think of the officer. John Silver calls him a “RUSH-bag” tells him to back off.

Ari Daivari is in the ring, and he offers Jeeves Kay’s services in exchange for the TNT Title. He says Wardlow could go from being MJF’s servant to having one of his own Wardlow comes to the ring, alongside Samoa Joe, clearly not interested in the offer.

TNT Championship: Wardlow (c) vs. Ari Daivari

Wardlow dominates Daivari and powerbombs him multiple times for the win.

Winner and still TNT Champion: Wardlow

Wardlow calls out Powerhouse Hobbs, and he comes to the stage. “Mr. Mayhem” is glad he finally has a suitable opponent for his title. He says he will take every title in the company. Samoa Joe blindsides Wardlow and chokes him out.

Saraya and Britt Baker come to the ring. Saraya announces she’s medically cleared, and she calls AEW her house. Baker describes how she has built that house, while Saraya hasn’t laid a single brick. Baker says Saraya walked away from her house, and AEW doesn’t take walk-ins. Saraya says Baker doesn’t know what it takes to be a star, let alone a superstar. She says she has wrestled all over the world and started revolutions before they were cool. Saraya says she broke her neck for this business, and Baker doesn’t know what it takes to make it. Saraya challenges Baker to a match at AEW Full Gear. Baker goes for a cheap shot, and Paige lays her out. She again says AEW is her house.

In an interview, Sonjay Dutt thanks Cole Karter earned his money last week. QT Marshall says it was a pleasure doing business. The Best Friends interrupt, and Trent Beretta calls Lethal and Dutt scumbags. He challenges Lethal to a match.

Trent Beretta vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal attacks Beretta during his entrance and targets his leg. He gets Trent in the ring, and the bell ring. Lethal is firmly in control as he keeps targeting the wounded leg. Chuck Taylor and Danhausen come to ringside to check on Trent. Lethal locks in a Figure-Four on Trent. Beretta rallies, and Dutt distracts him. Danhausen hits Dutt below the belt, and Satnam Singh headbutts the face-painted star. Beretta gets distracted, and Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Sonjay Dutt says they delivered on their surprise in the form of Jeff Jarrett’s debut. Jarrett comes out and explains that he came to AEW because a friend asked him to. He notes that he signed Jay Lethal to TNA and watched him thrive there. He puts over Dutt’s intelligence and praises Satnam Singh as a genuine monster. Jarrett starts to issue a challenge for Sting and Darby Allin, but he gets distracted by a stagehand, so he chases them away.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley comes to the ring, alongside William Regal, and describes how he thought he knew everything when he was younger. He recalls how he wanted to be a top guy, and he took the fight to Regal, who made him pay for it. He notes that MJF reminds him of who he was when he was younger. Moxley looks back on defeating MJF when they clashed in 2020 and wonders who MJF really is. He says MJF talks the talk, but Moxley actually is a multi-time world champion. He says MJF calls himself a pillar, but he doesn’t know what it’s like to have any weight on his back. Moxley notes that MJF calls himself the devil, but he has seen the devil himself. He wants to know what MJF has in his guts, and he’s going to bring it out of him at AEW Full Gear. He says everything MJF has done until now has been easy.

A vignette showcases The Elite and seemingly teases that they’ll be at AEW Full Gear.

Jamie Hayter vs. Jamie Hayter (with Britt Baker and Rebel)

AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm accompanies Blue to the ring. Blue takes the fight to Hayter and takes her down with an arm drag. Baker grabs Blue’s foot when she runs the ropes. Hayter dumps Blue with a throw. She overpowers Blue and takes firm control of the match. Blue rallies and gets a two count with a crossbody. She hits a Code Red for a two count. Blue drills Hayter with a superkick. Hayter fires back with a pump kick. She scores the win with an emphatic lariat.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Hayter attacks Blue after the match, and Storm makes the save.

Lance Archer attacks Ricky Starks ahead of their AEW World Title Eliminator Match on AEW Rampage.

Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Sammy Guevara (with Tay Melo) vs. Bryan Danielson

Danielson drills Guevara with a series of stiff blows. Guevara gains the upper hand with a dropkick. Danielson hits a missile dropkick, sending Guevara to the outside. Melo distracts “The American Dragon”, and Guevara throws a chair at him. He gets disqualified.

Winner of the first fall: Bryan Danielson

Guevara jabs a microphone into Danielson’s eye and keeps attacking him. After a commercial, Guevara is still in control as he keeps pounding away at Danielson, whose head is bleeding. “The Spanish God” drills him with the GTH and pins him.

Winner of the first fall: Sammy Guevara

Guevara maintains the advantage. Danielson rallies and goes for a diving headbutt, but Guevara reverses and locks in a crossface. Danielson reaches the ropes to break the hold. Danielson fires up with some stiff strikes. Guevara rolls out of the ring, but he takes control with a flurry of offense. Danielson takes control, but Melo pulls the referee out of the ring. The referee ejects her from ringside. Guevara and Danielson trade blows. Danielson suplexes Guevara into the turnbuckles. He hits a running dropkick in the corner. Guevara dives onto Danielson on the outside. Danielson traps him in the LeBell Lock. Guevara escapes and counters the running knee into the Walls of Jericho He turns it into the Lion Tamer, but Danielson reaches the ropes. Danielson hits the running knee. Guevara stuns Danielson with a DDT. Danielson counters a Swanton and drills him with elbows to the head. He makes Guevara tap out to the Regal Stretch.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

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