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Colby Corino Has A Dream Match Against Davey Richards, But He’s Not Sure He’s The Underdog

Colby Corino wants to add his name to some important record books.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier, Colby Corino spoke about challenging Davey Richards at NWA Hard Times 3. The contest is a dream matchup for Corino, but he will also have the chance to win gold as Richards’ MLW National Openweight Championship will be on the line.

Corino spoke about working with the NWA and what makes the company stand out in today’s wrestling world.

“The appeal to NWA for me is the old school feel and that sports presentation. New Japan has that, but I feel like what a lot of American companies lack is it seems more drama-focused than sports competition-focused. And that’s what I really like about the NWA,” Corino explained. “At the core of it, pro wrestling is a sport and it is a competition, and that’s how the NWA presents it, and that’s very appealing to me.

Corino also spoke about having a renewed focus, noting that he’s grown up watching Davey Richards and getting the chance to face him holds special meaning.

“When I first came to the NWA, I was kind of tunnel-visioned. Like I was there to win a championship. I was there to make sure I was just another guy and was going to cement my place in history. But if you were to have asked me a year or two ago, if I would be wrestling for an MLW title on an NWA pay-per-view, I definitely would not have said yes. The world works in mysterious ways,” Corino said.

“I’ve been watching Davey Richards every since I was a little kid. I didn’t watch a lot of TV wrestling growing up. I didn’t watch WWE, WCW, or TNA, because I always watched whatever my dad was on. My dad was in Japan or on the indies, so I feel like I had a lot of different perspectives growing up. I didn’t grow up with that awesome Batista vs. John Cena match from 2006 or whatever, [I] haven’t seen a lot of that stuff. Someone like Davey Richards, he was a guy that I was around a lot as a kid. He was my favorite performer as a kid,” Corino noted. “He’s hard-hitting, intense, all matches had that sports competition feel that I was referring to earlier. A Davey Richards match to me is what pro wrestling should be personified. It means so much to me to be able to wrestle Davey Richards on a big platform like NWA on a major pay-per-view.”

Asked if he views himself as the underdog, Corino said he’s not sure he feels that way and thinks Richards might have to keep up with him.

“I’m in the best shape of my life right now. I’m doing the best work of my life. I’m doing the most training and weight lifting and in-ring training that I can do. The question that I’ve been having for me is, ‘Can 39-year-old Davey Richards keep up with Colby Corino?’ That’s the real question that I’ve been asking myself,” Corino stated. “Maybe I don’t view myself as the underdog.

“Obviously I’m ready to get hit very hard. If anyone’s watched Davey Richards, they know he brings it every time he steps in the ring. But if anyone’s watched Colby Corino, they know I bring it every time I step in the ring too. So I’m not too worried about that. I know that I can get my ass beat a bit, and I know I can beat some ass too. I’ve definitely been working on my chain wrestling and my submission game. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to pack in as much skill as he has in the short time I’ve had to prepare. But, I think that I will have enough to make myself not look like an idiot out there. And then there’s always an unpredictable element that Colby Corino brings that I think you have to watch out for,” Corino added, “because you never know where my matches will go. I feel like that’s one of the best parts of watching Colby Corino matches is that it’s very unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen. There’s always going to be something crazy.”

Corino also addressed the real possibility that if he beats Richards, he could also appear in MLW as its new National Openweight Champion.

“The talent they have there is pretty crazy like Jacob Fatu and Alexander Hammerstone. I’d love to get in the ring and tear it up with them. So I’m definitely open to the possibility of what winning an MLW championship would entail for Colby Corino.”

Davey Richards versus Colby Corino is set to take place at NWA Hard Times 3 on Saturday, November 12; check out our full video interview with Corino at the top of this post.

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