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Chelsea Green: This Is The Happiest I’ve Ever Been, Why Fix Something If It’s Not Broken?

Chelsea Green isn’t sure change is needed.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Chelsea Green spoke about her journey in the wrestling business and how at one point, it was a dream to make it to WWE. Green was upset and surprised when she learned about her release, but she found plenty of success since then.

“When I left WWE, I was still a little bit heartbroken. I was a little bit surprised, I was a little bit heartbroken. But my view changed within six months of being fired and being back on the independent scene because I have so much freedom to make my own schedule,” Green explained, “to write my own storylines, to pitch my own ideas, to travel to countries I’ve never traveled to, to take time off. For so long, I didn’t take time off. This year, although it’s been the busiest year, it’s also been a year full of weddings, and babies, and things that I can actually take the time to enjoy.”

Citing a separate interview with KiLynn King about changing goals and being a journeywoman wrestler, Green said she’s also experienced the benefits of not being under an exclusive contract.

“Like KiLynn said, I’ve been able to build my own brand, I had my own podcast, I started acting again and dabbling in that world. And that’s something you can’t always do when you’re signed exclusively. The goal in 2014 when I started was absolutely WWE, because AEW didn’t exist. And then when AEW came out and was this amazing thing we’d never really dreamt of, I was like, ‘Okay, well maybe that’s my dream.’ And then I realized in the past two years that whether I signed with somebody or not, the goal has always been to wrestle, and make money, and be happy. This is the happiest I’ve ever been, so why fix something if it’s not broken?”

According to a recent report from Fightful, WWE has had internal discussions about bringing Green back but there though there’s no word of an official deal. Chelsea commented on the speculation that she’s WWE-bound and what might make her consider returning. Read more about why AEW isn’t an option and unfinished business with WWE at this link.

Chelsea “went home” after losing to Mickie James on the November 10 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, and she is set to challenge for the NWA Women’s Championship at Hard Times in New Orleans.

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