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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho Unmasked As The Bride On ‘The Masked Singer’

AEW fans get to hear Chris Jericho‘s musical talents every week during his “Judas” entrance, but the Fozzy vocalist recently lent his voice to another platform as well.

Wednesday night’s edition of The Masked Singer on FOX revealed the identity of one of the masked celebrity contestants. Earlier in the show, “The Bride” performed Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” to compliment the veiled pink dinosaur costume. Last week, The Bride earned the King award from the judges, as they had difficulty distinguishing his voice after his performance of “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon.

Unfortunately, The Bride’s luck ran out this week. After a studio audience vote, The Bride was subsequently eliminated from the competition. Upon its unmasking, rock vocalist and All Elite Wrestling talent Chris Jericho emerged.

In his post-show interview, the ROH World Champion revealed his disappointment in receiving an elimination. “It just bums me out because I think we could have done a lot of really cool stuff with the bride,” he said. I think it’s one of the coolest costumes maybe ever… I had an idea for a big, choreographed scene because you can actually move in that thing more than people imagine.”

Jericho expressed similar sentiments in his chat with Entertainment Weekly as well. “It was the studio audience votes that got [him eliminated]. I was like, “This is why you never let the fans be in charge. [Laughs] Because I thought my performance was killer,” he said.

Despite his initial disappointment, Jericho later revealed that he a “great time” overall on the show. “It was fun. [I] had a great time. You hit the ground running, man. You get here, you do your vocal warm-up, you learn the song, you go through the choreography once or twice, and then you’re out there performing. It’s totally like right up my alley, playing a character and singing. It’s one of those shows that was tailor-made for me,” he added.

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