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Update On The Potential WWE Returns Of JONAH And Chelsea Green

Could JONAH be one of the next names that Triple H plans to bring back to WWE?

Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Radio and’s Dave Meltzer recently provided updates on the potential WWE return of JONAH (former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed). Zarian said that there was interest, with Meltzer reporting that an offer has been made and the ball is in JONAH’s court now.

“JONAH certainly has an offer from WWE and he’s got to make a decision, he’ll either be New Japan or WWE. He got a great push in New Japan, and it’s going to be his call,” Meltzer said.

Fightful (via Fightful Select) shared more details on the situation and said that WWE sources did indicate that they made overtures towards JONAH, but “didn’t commit to whether or not he’d be brought back to WWE.” It was noted that Fightful reached out to JONAH last week about being contacted by WWE, but he didn’t confirm or deny the question.

Meltzer’s comments about JONAH came on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, where he also addressed Chelsea Green’s possible return.

Regarding Green, Meltzer believes that she’s on her way back to the company as people within WWE are already talking about her arrival as if it’s a done deal. Meltzer is unable to confirm, however, if she’s put pen to paper yet.

“WWE bound, most likely,” Meltzer said about Green. “Within the company, it’s been talked about as something that is happening. I don’t know if she’s put pen to paper but she did just finish up with Impact, so it makes sense. Presumably, she’s in but like I said, I can’t confirm the contract signing but I can confirm that they are talking about it as if it is a done deal within the company.”

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What are your thoughts on the potential returns of Chelsea Green and JONAH to WWE? Which one would excite you more? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.