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Bianca Belair Is Hoping To Get A Phone Call To Play Storm In The MCU

Bianca Belair would love to get the phone call to take to the skies as Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair recently sat down with to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if she’s still interested in playing Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Belair confirmed that she is, and she’s just waiting for the phone call to make it a reality.

“Oh, 100%. I would love to cross over onto the movie scene and play Storm and just play such a strong, amazing character,” Bianca Belair said. “I think that hopefully Hollywood is ready for a strong, powerful, muscular woman to come on the scene, and if they are, then that’s me, and I’m ready. I’m just waiting on the phone call.”

With multiple titles being unified in the WWE as of late, Belair was asked if she had any interest in unifying the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships. Belair said she likes just focusing on a singles title for now and believes having more than one title provides more opportunities for women on the roster.

“With combining both of them, I like focusing on one. You can have more goals, and there are more options on the table, and also too, it gives multiple women on the roster opportunities, and more women can shine and there’s more spotlight for everyone,” Bianca Belair said. “But right now, I’m a Raw Women’s Champion, and I want to focus on that and continue to have that title reign be long. And then I feel like my SmackDown Women’s Title reign was cut short, and so I would always love to eventually go back to that and have a longer Title reign. But I like it where you have both on the table.”

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What do you make of Bianca Belair’s comments? Would you like to see her land the role of Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.