The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory
Photo: AEW

Keith Lee Walks Out On Swerve Strickland, The Acclaimed Retain Tag Titles At AEW Full Gear

The Acclaimed retained at AEW Full Gear.

In the third match of their series, The Acclaimed put their AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line against Swerve in Our Glory at Full Gear. The teams walked into the pay-per-view tied one apiece after Swerve in Our Glory retained at All Out before The Acclaimed won the gold at Dynamite: Grand Slam.

From bell to bell, Anthony Bowens’ injured right shoulder was targeted by both Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. Billy Gunn was noticeably absent from ringside until Swerve threatened to use pliers on Caster’s fingers. Gunn ran down to try and break it up, but referees pulled him away after Swerve booted him. Things broke down further when Lee refused to resort to dirty tactics and left Swerve all by himself. The Acclaimed connected with double team finisher to retain.

See below for a full recap of the match, courtesy our of live, play-by-play coverage:

AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory (Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland)

Bowens and Caster drive Lee out of the ring, and Bowens seemingly hurts his injured shoulder. He fights through it and takes an early advantage. Lee tags in and overpowers Bowens as Strickland slams Caster into the barricade. Strickland brings a steel barricade to the ringside area. He goes to suplex Bowens onto it, but the latter reverses with a suplex of his own. Lee lifts Bowens by his injured arm. He dives onto the arm with a splash and continues to target it. Strickland tags in and stomps the arm. Bowens takes Lee down with a reverse hurricanrana. Caster tags in and gains the upper hand with a one-man flurry of offense. He dives onto Strickland at ringside. Caster hits a leg drop. Bowens tags in and gets a two count with a cutter. Bowens dropkicks Strickland, and Caster hits a crossbody on Lee, sending him crashing through the steel barricade. Bowens gets a two count with a DDT.

Strickland drills Bowens with a kick. He hits another kick and yet another for a two count. Bowens evades the Swerve Stomp and hits The Arrival. Caster hits the Mic Drop, but Lee breaks up the pin. Lee tags in and flattens Caster with two clotheslines before he throws him across the ring. Lee pounces Bowens, and he lands on his shoulder. Strickland and Lee hit the stomp/powerbomb combination for a two count. Lee powerbombs Caster onto Bowens. Strickland gets some pliers, determined to do some damage, but Billy Gunn makes the save. Gunn gets ejected. Strickland tells Lee to use the pliers, and he doesn’t. Strickland slaps Lee, and the big man walks away from his partner. The Acclaimed take control and slam Strickland for the win.

Winners and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed

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