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Jimmy Wang Yang Tried To Get Laid One Night, Ended Up Being Re-Hired As ‘Asian Redneck’ In WWE

Jimmy Wang Yang has a great story about getting laid (off) and re-hired by WWE.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall for WrestlingNews.co, Jimmy Wang Yang was asked about the infamous story about Vince McMahon forgetting he was fired. Yang said that he certainly thought Vince forgot he was let go, then explained how he ended up running into Vince again in the first place.

“The crazy story — I was just trying to get laid one night and there was a pay-per-view close by. [I was seeing] this girl and trying to get tickets — this is after I got fired — so this chick was really hot and [WWE] was close by. When I showed up, Vince and I crossed paths and he’s like, ‘Jimmy! Where the hell have you been?’ I’m like, ‘Uhh… you fired me?’”

Yang explained that they agreed to talk later since Vince was busy running the show. He noted that the event was Backlash 2006, and he helped Shawn Michaels with a Spirit Squad table spot while he was trying to get his tickets.

While Jimmy was asked to help with the spot, they told Vince he wasn’t under contract. Vince said he should be and to get him signed, then WWE kept asking him to show up at more events. Yang went to Vince to voice his appreciation for being brought back, and that’s when Vince gave him the Jimmy Wang Yang gimmick.

“[Vince said] the last time you were here, you were Akio, this Korean dude with a Southern accent.’ I said, ‘I don’t have a Southern accent…’ I do say y’all and that, but I really just speak English instead of Ultimo Dragon or Tajiri with broken English. [Vince said] ‘I didn’t let you talk as Akio, this time we’re going to make a negative out of a positive. I’m going to make you the Asian Redneck! [imitates Vince’s laugh] I was like, ‘What? Ok… whatever. As long as the check clears every Monday, I’ll do whatever you want,” Yang said.

“That whole crazy weekend from the pay-per-view to Sunday Night Heat to SmackDown and getting my job back,” Yang explained, “everything was a real good weekend for your boy Jimmy Wang Yang. Crazy week.”

In case you were curious, Yang said he eventually got laid.

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