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Bianca Belair Comments On Potential Heel Turn: As ‘The EST’, It Can Go Either Way

Bianca Belair discusses the possibility of turning heel.

Belair was a heel during her time in NXT. However, since her arrival on WWE‘s main roster, Belair has become a fan-favorite star, and she has become one of the faces of the women’s division. She currently holds the RAW Women’s Championship, and she continues to shine bright.

Speaking with Graham “GSM” Matthews of Bleacher Report, Belair commented on a potential heel run and described how, given the way she inspires people and connects with kids, she feels like she’d be turning on them. The RAW Women’s Champion pointed out that her “EST” personality could work as a babyface or as a heel.

“I’ve had such a positive impact,” Belair said. “Walking out and seeing the signs and kids dressed as me and inspiring people…to have that connection with people and to think about possibly turning on them, I feel like it’s me turning on them! I mean, maybe. In NXT, I had so much fun. It was fun to be a bad guy, but as the EST, it can go either way.”

Belair also noted that she and her husband, Montez Ford, could be a remarkable power couple, as she occasionally flashes glimpses of her “bad guy” persona. She teased that, alongside Ford, the couple could be an amazing heel duo.

“I feel like a bad guy, NXT Belair, you see glimpses of her,” she said. “If somebody pushes me a little too much, like Bayley, you see glimpses of it. But, definitely Montez and I, down the road, we can be this amazing, overly…you can hate to love us and love to hate us at the same time.”

The RAW Women’s Champion stated that she and Ford have goals as individuals, but eventually they’ll come together on WWE TV. Belair also stated that, one day, Ford will be the biggest solo act in the company.

“I feel like that would be later down the line when I run my course as Bianca Belair,” she said. “He has to get those tag titles first as The Street Profits and later down the line he’s going to be the biggest solo act out there. I’m saying it right now. He will be that guy. At the end of that, that’s eventually when we’ll come together and we can be that major power couple of WWE.”

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