10 Dark Order AEW Rampage
Image Credit: AEW

Preston Vance (10) Betrays Dark Order, Aligns With RUSH On 11/25 AEW Rampage

10, also known as Preston Vance, has turned to the dark side.

For weeks, RUSH and Jose the Assistant have been trying to convince the Dark Order member to join La Faccion Ingobernable. These efforts were seemingly fruitless, as the powerhouse remained loyal to the group.

But in the main event of the November 25 episode of AEW Rampage, 10 betrayed his stablemates. He was scheduled to compete in a trios match, in which he would team up with John Silver and Alex Reynolds to face RUSH, The Butcher, and The Blade. But Vance didn’t come to the ring with Reynolds and Silver at the beginning of the match, so they had to go it alone. In the closing moments, Evil Uno and -1 (Brodie Lee Jr.) came to the stage, and 10 was with them. He ran to the ring, and after a brief staredown with RUSH, he nailed Silver with a lariat. RUSH then pinned Silver for the win.

After the bell, Vance, RUSH, The Butcher, and The Blade brutally attacked the Dark Order members. 10 ripped Evil Uno’s mask and slammed Reynolds through a table. He then approached -1, unmasked, and dropped his mask at the young boy’s feet, clearly cutting ties with the Dark Order.

Vance joined Dark Order shortly after he made his AEW debut in 2020, and he was picked by Brodie Lee himself for the group. As a result, he had a special bond with Lee’s son, Brodie Jr., after his father passed away in December 2020.

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