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Sal Rinauro Believes Tyrus Might Be The Meatloaf On The NWA Buffet

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus has gotten a polarizing reaction in recent months, much like meatloaf has received for several decades.

Sal Rinauro recently sat down with the Shining Wizards Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the current direction of the National Wrestling Alliance, Rinauro touches upon Nick Aldis leaving the company and Tyrus becoming the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

“I know the two hot button issues are the loss of Nick Aldis and the heavyweight title going to Tyrus. Throughout the history of the business, and we’re talking about a business that Bret Hart got literally screwed out of a title, right? Over the course of time, there are so many guys that you’re fans of that jump ship and go somewhere else,” Sal Rinauro said. “I mean, look at the landscape today. My son’s heart was broken when Bryan (Danielson) signed with AEW.

“Nick has accomplished everything he can in the company. It would be foolish of me to say anything but positive things about the work he put into the company, and he was literally the face of the company. So why would we find somebody that’s Nick Light? Why would you get someone who’s just a secondary Nick? Tyrus is the complete opposite of Nick Aldis. He’s the complete opposite. There’s no debating that in any regard, right? His in-ring style is completely different. His presentation is different.

“For me, it’s exciting more so than anything. My favorite time in pro wrestling as a fan was late-1992 until late-1996, where there’s that transition period where it’s so much let’s throw stuff on the wall and what sticks. Ok, Tyrus is the champ today. Who’s to say Tyrus won’t be the champion in a week? Who’s to say Tyrus doesn’t drop the title in a month? We’re going back down to Nashville in three weeks’ time for a set of Powerrr tapings. A lot can happen in between that time.

“One thing I found, and it’s the social media era and not just you guys. It’s everybody across the board. My kids do it habitually and it makes me want to fight them. We’re so caught up in the “right now.” It’s instant gratification. It’s “I don’t like the champion right now. It’s wrong. It’s bad.” Let it breathe. Give it a chance. I definitely think we’re building. It’s the building blocks.

“You don’t have to like Tyrus as champion. The beauty of this company, and keep in mind, I’m the guy you can find in two places in an NWA locker room. You can find me getting ready, or you can find me at the monitor watching the show. I follow the product. I’m not just a guy there collecting a paycheck. I genuinely love this company. There’s something for everybody.

“So if you don’t like the main event, you don’t like the main event. That’s cool. The match before it will be something completely different, and the match before that will be completely different. The match before that will have a gimp. There’s so much across the board that you don’t have to like it all. It’s a buffet. I don’t eat the meatloaf at Golden Corral. Tyrus might be your meatloaf.”

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What do you make of Sal Rinauro’s comments? Do you think Tyrus can be compared to meatloaf on a buffet line? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.