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Kevin Owens Spoke To Cody Rhodes Before His Dusty Rhodes Tribute At WWE Survivor Series

At WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, Kevin Owens paid tribute to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes with his wrestling gear. Before he did, he talked to Cody Rhodes about it.

Owens was the latest guest on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the gear he wore at WWE Survivor Series as a tribute to Dusty Rhodes, KO said he spoke to Cody Rhodes ahead of time to make sure it was cool before he did it.

“Yeah, it was a real thrill to be a part of it when I did the one in NXT just because it was great to be part of something that Dusty created,” Owens said. “And then to be part of the first one on the main roster, and I took the opportunity to wear Dusty’s shirt and the red elbow pad as a tribute to him. I talked to Cody beforehand to make sure he was cool with it and everything. It’s just always neat to kind of be able to dive back to history and give Dusty a little nod. I’ve tried to do that as much as I can because he was so influential in my career, and I really had access to him for a very short time.

“Like, we’re talking maybe ten months between the time I started in NXT and the time he passed. But man, in those ten months, he left a mark on me that nobody has. I’ve known people for years and years and years and years in this industry, and they haven’t left half the influence on me that Dusty had in that short time. So anytime I get to do something like a little shout-out to him, I take that opportunity.”

Owens continued by stating that competing in the first WarGames match in the history of WWE’s main roster and paying tribute to Dusy excited him. He made it clear that he enjoyed being part of the introduction of the concept that some WWE fans might not be familiar with.

“To be part of the first main roster WarGames, to be able to do that., and then just being part of that match itself, it’s a very exciting concept. Anytime there’s something new, it’s great to be a part of it, and this was new to a lot of people because it was the first time they got to see it on the main roster. Obviously, not everybody that watches the main roster necessarily watches NXT. Not everybody knows what WarGames was from all the way back in the day. So it’s cool to be a part of this new concept that a lot of people probably saw for the first time on Saturday.”

When asked about the influence Dusty Rhodes had on him, and if he could share any memories, KO highlighted the way Dusty convinced him that it was okay to be himself when he got to WWE.

“I think the biggest thing he taught me beyond whatever wisdom he imparted me as far as how promos and just presence in the ring and all that stuff,” Owens said. “That was his forte, right? He really is the one that showed me from the get-go that it’s okay to be myself here because when I came into WWE, there is always a whole obstacle of the way I looked who I was. That’s not what WWE is looking for. That was the sentiment for so long, right?

“But I came in, and Triple H took a shot on me. He gave me a chance, and Dusty right from the get-go, just made me comfortable and made me understand that I could be who I am. I didn’t have to try to put up a front; I didn’t have to try to be something I wasn’t because that’s never what he was he stayed true to himself his entire career. And that would be the biggest thing he imparted in me during the short time we had together.”

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