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Alicia Atout Shares What Modern Wrestlers Can Learn From Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a stand-up guy.

Dominic DeAngelo of Wrestling Inc. recently spoke with MLW’s Alicia Atout, who spoke about her time in All Elite Wrestling. Asked if she still kept in contact with any of The Elite, Alicia noted that she recently caught up with Cody. Alicia then shared some praise for Rhodes always being in her corner, noting how she originally got a role on the All In event.

“He’s just always been in my corner, and I’m so grateful for that, because if it weren’t for him and me doing those early Ring of Honor interviews with him and the Bucks and Kenny [Omega], I don’t know if I ever would’ve gotten that. I probably wouldn’t have gotten that position if we didn’t connect. So I’m so grateful for them. And I say this over and over like a broken record, but I always will be because I feel like I owe a big part of my career and just confidence to him, because I remember thinking when I pitched originally on… So for the first event, All In, it was kind of like, ‘Hey, yeah, we’d love to have you’ I was like, ‘No way. Get out.’

“Double or Nothing I pitched myself, and he was like, ‘Yes, of course you will have you.’ And that’s where my confidence changed from some days doubting myself thinking, ‘Why do these people even want to hire me,’ to thinking, ‘Ooh my gosh, Cody Rhodes wants me to host a show. This is insane.’ I had the biggest promo of the night with Kenny. It was a lot, in a good way. And due to that, my name got out there more and my confidence levels went higher, and I was able to strengthen bonds with people like him. So I will never, ever downplay the effect that he’s had.”

Alicia was then asked what she believes today’s wrestlers can learn from Rhodes. She said his honesty and authenticity is a quality that more people should aspire to have.

“He’s straight up. He really has never turned me off in any sense. I meet so many people in this industry and immediately I’m just like, ‘I don’t like him.’ But he’s always been very genuine, and honest, and open, and I just like people like that. So I think a lot of people in wrestling, whether workers, interviewers, whoever it may be, just don’t be phony, because he never has been [anything but honest] with me,” she explained. “So when you’re stand up and professional, that’s where I think I can connect with people the most because I like to approach things that way. Not everybody does.”

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