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Jamie Noble Talks About His Final WWE Match And How He Wants To Be Remembered

Jamie Noble is ready to put on a show in his final WWE match in Charleston, West Virginia, on December 11.

WWE backstage producer Jamie Nobe recently sat down with RAW backstage interviewer Byron Saxton to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When the topic came up of him wrestling his last WWE match in Charleston, West Virginia, on December 11, Noble said he was super excited about it.

“I’m super excited,” Jamie Noble said. “As a kid, we’d go at the time, but it was more Crockett Promotions. So you know it would be Dusty, Flair, and my favorite, the Rock and Roll Express. So everything just kind of fell in line, and I’m super excited. I’m glad it’s in West Virginia. Glad everybody jumped on board, and I’m ready to go.”

When asked about how he’s feeling physically, Noble said he’s feeling good, and he’s been in the ring training with Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak in preparation for this match.

“Good. When I looked at the dates and was trying to get everything ready, I was worried about a training camp and how I’d hold up, but it’s been great,” Jamie Noble said. “It’s obviously rough getting used to going at it, and some of these guys over here, Regal’s kid, Drew Gulak came in. So it’s been challenging, but I feel like I’m there. I feel like they got me ready. I plan on killing it.”

Saxton asked Noble how he wanted to be remembered in the world of professional wrestling, and Noble said he hoped that he would be remembered as someone who played it forward.

“Just that I played it forward. I tried to help everybody; you know what I mean? Try to be a good coach. Try to be a mentor. Just try to teach and live through them,” Jamie Noble said. “I love helping Seth and Finn, and I just want to be remembered as the guy that passed it along and then helped everybody as much as I could.”

Jamie Noble’s opponent for this weekend has yet to be announced.

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What do you make of Jamie Noble’s comments? Are you hoping WWE records Noble’s final match to air on Peacock at a later date? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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