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Kofi Kingston Wants To Compete In Ghana, Win The Royal Rumble Before He Retires

Kofi Kingston isn’t close to calling it quits but he doesn’t have some more goals to accomplish.

During a recent interview on The Bubba Show on 100.7 The Star in Pittsburgh, Kofi Kingston spoke about his bucket list goals before he retires as an in-ring competitor.

“The one thing? There’s a lot. Winning the Rumble would be great,” Kofi said. “There’s a list. You’ve got to stay hungry. You don’t stay around this long by sitting on your laurels,” Kofi said.

Asked about potential opponents, Kofi said that his answer is a bit of a cop out but there are a lot of people he’d love to square off with.

“There’s a ton. Guys in this company, guys in other companies, guys all over the world. Having a match in Africa, in Ghana specifically. We just had a tryout in Nigeria —well, not the actual tryout, but they announced the tryout that’s going to happen in January. And the winner of that is going to be able to compete with everybody in Los Angeles leading up to Wrestlemania. So that’s huge man.

“People talk about wrestling and you know, “Oh, well, that’s scripted. And so that’s not real.” But like, the impact that we have on the world is very real, very real. And it’s crazy to be a part of that. So I can’t, you know, it’s a big cop out answer here, because you’re asking me to narrow it down to one particular thing, but there’s so many things that I would love to do in the industry.,” Kofi explained. “And I’ve just been fortunate to have been around for so long and really, to, you know, experience, again, and I keep saying it, but just the energy of the WWE Universe all the time.”

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods just won the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT Deadline and they made their first appearance as champions on Tuesday’s episode of NXT. Check out full results from the show here.

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