WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (12/13/22)

WWE NXT Results

December 13, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Roxanne Perez

While Perez is in the ring thanking the fans, Grayson Waller arrives in the parking lot in a hummer. Waller is going on and on about being the Iron Survivor. Waller walks in through the crowd. Perez tries to get Waller’s attention, but he keeps talking. Perez gets upset and yells for Waller to shut up. Waller wasn’t the only Iron Survivor. She did it before him AND did it from the number one spot. Waller mockingly calls her Booker T’s favorite wrestler.

She had the match before him because she had to get home to be tucked into bed for the night. Waller says Perez has peaked because she will never beat Mandy Rose. Bron Breakker walks out on the stage and calls Perez the “Iron Woman” of NXT. She won after going the full 25 minutes. Waller says none of that matters. He’s going to outsmart Breakker and win the NXT Championship. Breakker chases Waller into the crowd. Mandy Rose attacks Perez from behind. Rose walks up the ramp. Perez gets to her feet and says she doesn’t want to wait till the PLE, she wants her title shot tonight. Rose agrees.

Stacks attacks Wes Lee from behind backstage. The two men fight into the arena. When they finally make it into the ring, the bell rings.’

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