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Shane Taylor: A Singles Match With Keith Lee Is Definitely The One That I Want

Keith Lee got the better of Shane Taylor at Ring of Honor Final Battle, but Taylor hopes a singles match is in their future.

Shane Taylor was a recent guest on One Fall with Ron Funches to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if he has any desire to have a singles match against his former partner Keith Lee after the tag team loss at Final Battle, Taylor said that’s something he would definitely want.

“I mean, listen, it was a loss even though I didn’t take the pin as the captain of the team, we share the glory, and I shoulder the blame, you know what I mean? So that’s on me,” Shane Taylor said. “My team lost; that is an L for me. Gotta take that right, can’t throw anyone underneath the bus. It is what it is. But you are absolutely right. Keith Lee’s been a best friend, big brother to me. And anybody who’s had a big brother, you know what it’s like to compete against them.

“And to be able to show when he left and went to WWE, our accolades are similar. The number of championships that we’ve won is two a piece. I never thought that I would get the chance to compete against him. I thought he was going to be there forever, right? And so now that I’ve gotten the opportunity to compete against him on this stage, I only want to do it again, and the one-on-one match is definitely the one that I want.

“Because then there’s no other variables. There’s no other people in this equation. I would hope if — Swerve is a very smart guy, right? He’s not as successful as he is not being intelligent. I would hope he’d be smart enough to stay out of that because the last thing you want is Keith and me after you. But I definitely want the opportunity to face Keith one on one and really bring that level of competition that we both know that we can bring.”

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What do you make of Shane Taylor’s comments? Would you like to see a singles match between Taylor and Keith Lee in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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