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Michelle Green Has A Special Place In Her Heart For Mission Pro Wrestling, Match With Jazmine Allure

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Michelle Green about her international travels over the last year. The “Swiss Sensation” performed in the United States, Germany, Austria, her homeland of Switzerland, and even trained in Mexico. Accordingly, Green spoke about which match she felt the proudest about.

“I feel super proud about my Mission Pro match against Jazmin Allure,” she said. “It was one of my goals to go to Mission Pro and perform there because when I trained in Texas, I used to always help out there, and one of the reasons why I had gone to Texas is because Thunder Rosa was running all-female trainings, which is very rare in wrestling. But obviously we compete with women, so it’s very helpful and it was really meaningful for me to come back. It had been at that point more than a year [away], I think, and of course life goes on. But for me, they always had a special place in my heart, and I always knew that I just needed to go back.”

Green also recalled the match’s positive reception, from the audience, and owner Thunder Rosa.  “[It] was a match that I really excelled in and was really well received by the audience,” Green continued. “After the match, Thunder Rosa came on stage, well, into the ring, and she praised me and commended me on how far I’d come. That was very special to hear that from my good friend and somebody who I admire.”

When asked if she has plans to return to the United States next year, Green revealed she hadn’t looked that far ahead yet. “I’m still open to my planning with 2023,” she said. “I plan actually very in short spurts, so I have a plan for what I’m doing til the end of the year and everything else. Everybody would just have to stay glued to Michelle Green [socials] and that’s a really good way to find out what’s going on.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Michelle Green’s career below, including the aforementioned bout with Jazmin Allure, and Green’s work in OVW.

Michell Green vs Jazmin Allure

Mission Pro Wrestling “Welcome to the Jungle” — September 17, 2022

Michelle Green vs Jazzy Yang

KLT Promotions — July 23, 2022

Michelle Green vs Reka Tehaka

Galaxy Pro Wrestling —  February 24, 2022

Michelle Green vs Dream Girl Ellie

Ohio Valley Wrestling — July 14, 2022



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