Taya Valkyrie La Rosa Negra NWA USA
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Watch: Taya Valkyrie vs. La Rosa Negra On 12/17 NWA USA

The Champions Series will continue on the December 17 episode of NWA USA.

Taya Valkyrie will take on La Rosa Negra in a buzzworthy singles match. Plus, Mercurio will clash with Joe Alonzo. Elsewhere on the show, Jennacide will battle Ella Envy. Finally, Max The Impaler and Ashley D’Amboise will face Natalia Markova and Roxy.

The card is as follows:

Champions Series First Round Match: Taya Valkyrie (Team Rock n’ Roll) vs. La Rosa Negra (Team Pretty)

Champions Series First Round Match: Mercurio (Team Gold) vs. Joe Alonzo (Team Rebelión)

Champions Series First Round Match: Jennacide (Team Rock n’ Roll) vs. Ella Envy (Team Pretty)

Champions Series First Round Match: Max The Impaler & Ashley D’Amboise (Team Rebelión) vs. Natalia Markova and Roxy ( Team Gold)

The episode is available here:

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