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Bull James Had Some Really Cool Moments, Wouldn’t Trade His NXT Experience For Anything

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Bull James, who looked back on his NXT live event match in San Jose against Jason Jordan. This event marked the first NXT show that took place outside of Florida and it had a considerable amount of attention due to it also taking place on WrestleMania weekend.

“We sold the place out, and I was on match number two with Jason Jordan, and we had to follow KENTA hitting the Go To Sleep for the first time in the States. And we looked at each other and went, ‘oh no’ because Jordan wasn’t even on TV really a lot. I was just starting to get used. And so we were both like, ‘oh no, oh no. We’re done. We’re done for, they’re gonna eat us alive’ but by the end of the match, we got them. And the cool thing was Jim Ross was in the first or second row. And I remember when we watched the video back, Jason and I just watched JR. And by the way, he sat there, and he just took it all in, and at the end of the match, he gave us a round of applause. And I was like alright cool. We got him. That was the audience I was playing to.

“It was that match and then the entire UK tour. I was basically married to Shawn Spears that whole tour. And still to this day people tweet me about it and bring it up as one of their favorite matches that they’ve ever seen live and things like that. And that’s really cool. Because at this point we know you’re talking six, almost seven years ago. So it’s really cool to kind of leave that impression on people, especially on the other side of the world.”

Bull James also spoke about his memories of working with Baron Corbin in NXT, as the two feuded on the show between 2014-2015.

“Baron was another guy that I really got along with, and we had, really I think — I can’t speak for him, but I enjoyed working with him,” James noted. “That match [at NXT TakeOver: Rival] as well; we wanted to do so much more because it was no DQ, but they really handcuffed us on it. And so people are always like, they didn’t do anything. We weren’t allowed, we tried. The most we got was swinging a chair at Baron and missing and giving him a suplex on the ramp. We were sitting there trying to put each other through the announce table. Do all sorts of crazy stuff. But yeah, moments like that. Moments like the Barclays Center and my hometown in Brooklyn and having my parents in the front row. Danny Doring was also in the front row for that sitting with my parents. So yeah, it was really cool moments in a relatively short amount of time, over the course of two and a half years. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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